Triangle in Camps Bay

Date: 10/12/2015
Time: 12:14 am
Place: From Signal Hill
Submitted by: Jono Linny

Im not sure what this is, I was editing my photo to put up on Facebook and then I saw a weird smuggy object on the photo. I checked my camera to see if the lens was dirty but it was crystal clear, so all Im thinking is that that object was definitely in the shot when I took it.

On top of that I was also focusing on the shot when I was taking it and had that object been moving, Im sure it would have caught my attention. I waited like 5 seconds before taking the shot so I definitely would have seen it moving.

Ha ha ha this is ridiculous I cant believe its right there in the shot.

If anyone can explain this for me, I would really appreciate it. Was there an aircraft or something that may have been there at that time of the day?

triangle UFO camps bay

3 thoughts on “Triangle in Camps Bay

  1. stop trolling, both photos are the same, you merely cropped the one…

  2. DeclaredInsane

    That’s highly likely a bug flying pass just as the shutter opens and closes. The bug was flying so fast for the shutter that it created this streak like object. You lower the shutter speed on your camera if you want to capture some movement like in sports or taking a photograph of a flowing stream of water. It looks like you camera was on a tripod so anything moving as fast as a flying bug can make a streak like this. You can even create ghost images or moving apparitions of real people by manipulating the shutter speed.

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