Three UFOs Over Pietermaritzburg

Time and date: 11:35 PM on 6 January 2014
Place: Pietermaritzburg, KZN
Submitted by: Derick Francois du Toit

Three UFOs sighting over PMB, KZN. Moving together in a bow formation. Estimated distance +- 15000 feet. Time 11. 35 Pm . 06-01-2014. Hovered in one area for about 3 min. Moved slowly over northern direction, 2 broke of from formation at a blink of an eye, shot up and disappeared. 1 remained for about 5 min and disappeared the same way. Description: unidentified flying objects, bright and look like stars, clear sky conditions.

2 thoughts on “Three UFOs Over Pietermaritzburg

  1. Hi Derick,

    Im just curious. When you say they moved in a northern direction, was that around Worlds Veiw area? Im not sure why they are appearing more often in Pmb. Sleepy hollow literally is “sleepy hollow “. They must be very interested in the city of choice.

    • Hi all. I saw no less than six of those lights over PMB at around 8 pm last night. Bright orange, I actually initially thought they were reflections of orange street lights on my windshield. I was able to take a fairly useless iPhone photo of three of them in a triangular shape. But I most definitely counted six visible in the night sky simultaneously.

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