Three Triangular-shaped Craft | Bloemfontein

Place: Bloemfontein
Time and date: 2013-02-25 22:40
Submitted by: Mark Thompson

It was very warm in Bloem last night so I sat up to open the window above my bed, upon which I noticed the following strange phenomena in the sky: 3 triangular shaped craft holding in a west to north formation over the approximate vacinity of Tempe AFB.

They held this formation for 20 minutes and then disappeared. Features of these craft were identical: large and triangular, 3 bright white lights at the tail, several smaller white lights running up the sides.

Before disappearing, they seemed to turn and point skywards in unison; a bright orange flash from each preceding the almost instant disappearance. The night was still, no sound perceivable. They didn’t move with the stars, very noticable as the Orion formation was a backdrop. The objects were clearly defined and appeared to be no higher than Cumulus Nimbus clouds usually are. The first object was a few degrees west of Orion, the second just north east of Orion’s belt and the third a few degrees east of the constellation itself when I first saw them. The constellation then continued its journey across the sky from my west to east (my flat faces north’ish) as it were but the objects remained static until they quickly turned and disappeared as described.

I have no camera evidence as I don’t own one. I’d like to know if anyone else had the same experience last night.

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