Three lights in triangle form

This report might be a little bit late as I didn’t know and was not sure what I saw (I had an idea) that morning until I read stories about the same type of phenomena!

It happened one morning (I was in the military) when I and other fellow soldiers was awakened by a senior officer so that we must go outside, fall in formation and ready ourselves for a morning PT session, It was still dark then, when I and a friend of mine were standing in formation next to each other and just by coincidence I was looking at the stars when I saw these lights moving. At first I though it was a plane, and then I thought but planes most of the times had coloured lights and it was too far off, and then I thought it was a satellite, but 3 satellites moving in an orderly fashion in a type triangle formation, moving quite slowly and not making a sound for about five to ten minutes heading south or south west?! What really bothered me was when the lights just disappeared. My friend also saw this and we were really astonished. I didn’t take any pictures or tell anyone else until I saw a documentary about the same three lights moving together in a strong triangle formation with no sound, and that’s when I realised it, that was probably looking at a UFO.

This happened in June or July 2010 at about 05h00, it was a long time ago so I cannot remember the exact date now. The place was in Wonderboom in Pretoria next to the Wonderboom Airport.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Sorry I didn’t take any pictures because I wasn’t taking it that serious and we weren’t allowed to have I cameras with us that time.
But the picture I attached is exactly how it looked like that morning.

Thank you very much

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