Three bright orange/red lights in the sky – Tzaneen

Time and date: 20/12/2014 at 20h30
Place: Aquapark, Tzaneen, Limpopo
Submitted by: Trixx

I witnessed for the second time this year three bright orange lights appearing to form a triangle shape in the sky. This time they appeared closer than they were the first time i saw them earlier this year. The lights vanish every time before i can get a clear shot with me cellular camera. No sounds could be heard. Just the lights blinking and fading quickly, one after the other.

One thought on “Three bright orange/red lights in the sky – Tzaneen

  1. Renay Davids (Hill)

    Hi, there my name is Renay, I experienced the most awesome sighting ever! On the early mornings on 25 December around 12h50 whilst preparing the last I took a break outside, whereas my neighbours daughter asked me what lights are that in sky, I looked up, I saw two big brigh yellow lights that was not far apart from eachother just moving slowly, then my roof wad in the way, and I ran to the front of my house, and there I could se that this was not airplane ,( they make noise) so the two lights where moving, whlist they moving im moving towards so to get a beter few , the first light started moving higher, and higher, then second light moving away fron the first 1 and disapperead in the clouds, then a third appear,that one was quite Low its, I started to move for a better few and the lights when just off, like it knew I was watching, all I could see was a silver silhouette and like it had small windows, my daughter starts freaking out, all I remembered that we like all went inside, till today, I think that I wad lucky enough to see it for the first time and yet sooooo dam close, hope someone believe me, atleast my husband and daughter saw it tooo, awesome but scary too

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