They Live!

Date: 18/05/2016
Time: 05:03 pm
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Hope


First of all I’d like to say that I’m glad that this website was created and that we are not alone!

I’ve had quite a lot of experiences from strange “stars” moving in a very abnormal way. Out of all these experiences only one stands out for me.

I’m a media student in Sandton and I was in a radio lecture. My radio lecturer is a 50 something year old caucasian male and I must say that the first thing I noticed about him was that his eyes were very, very strange. He had blue eyes which would constantly change color especially when he was speaking. The pupils would constantly change shapes at random and I always found myself looking deep into his eyes and wondering “Am I the only one who sees this?”

I have no doubt that he knew that I knew something about him because he would always be staring at me when he gave lecturers.

This man’s physical appearances were pretty weird! His cheek bones, his teeth when he spoke, he would always have a jersey tied on his waist.

Each time I would think of the correct explanation for all this, one word would pop up “Reptilian”.

However,I soon decided to just ignore everything and one day he was making notes and he drew the very same pyramid that’s on the American dollar bill with the eye on top. He specifically pointed on the eye and said : The illuminati, points to the second column and says: The reptilians and so on. Then he made an example on how the illuminati will take over the world in the near future and he also mentioned the existence of the reptilians.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked around and every student was just sitting there quietly listening.

Was he subliminally letting us know that he is one of them?

4 thoughts on “They Live!

  1. poppy gouveia

    I think that is awesome! If he is of reptilian race, there is so much to learn!

  2. Ja right nice story you should write a book☺

  3. Hi , your encounter sounds VERY interesting but can you somehow do some investigation and get facility pictures or something to support this claim ?

  4. You should join . Cool story bro 😉

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