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Date: 24/07/2018
Time: 04:00 am
Place: West Rand, Roodepoort
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I think I have to just let people know what’s going on…..i couldn’t sleep last night and at about 4am something told me to look outside. Had a fright as I saw a very big triangular formation of “stars” above a neighbors roof, about 3 houses down. It was pointing down and hovering from side to side. Then a smaller triangular foramtion of “stars”, maybe two houses away from it, doing the same thing. These stars looked more like lights when I focused on them. What was amazing was the hundreds of small lights that were either moving towards or away from the triangles. I couldn’t tell because it looked like they we’re switching their lghts on and off. Absolutely no sounds were heard. I then heard dogs barking. I got scared and jumped into bed. I needed to see more and decided to go back and watch for a little bit more. To my amazement I see a strobe-light-looking object above my next door neighbors roof. It was not shiny or illuminated but dark with lights randomly going on and off, like a disco ball, but no light emmited. It also just hovered or floated without and sound. I realized it was now heading from my neighbors roof to my bedroom window.. I jumped back into bed, took my phone out and sent my friend a WhatsApp message. I was scared. All I then remember is thinking, after about 5 minutes … should be right by my window now. I heard a very very loud ring in my ears, I got a severly bad headache and I my hands started feeling very heavy as if I couldn’t lift them or hold my phone. The air felt dense or thick. The next sensation was that if anaesthesia. As if I was being put to sleep with anaesthetic. I didn’t want to sleep, I told myself, but I couldn’t stop it. I woke up in bed feeling very tired. I still have the ringing sound in my ear that comes and goes.

I hope someone out there can give me some advice or share anything similar. Did anyone else see anything or have ringing in their ears or any symptoms that’s unusual? Contact me or leave a reply. Please.

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