The Tall Grey

Date: 30/06/2018
Time: 01:45 am
Place: Horizon park
Submitted by: Feizel Abrahams


Good day

I don’t know who to speak to. I been looking and found this site. A few nights ago, I came home. After having walked into the house, I couldn’t find my wallet. I went back outside to find it. After using my fone to find it in the dark, I picked it up and was frozen in shock and complete silence, as I looked up, standing four metres away from me was a Tall Grey. It was lit very well by the street light. And the moonlight. It stood outside my yard. It was taller than the wall.

It stood there. Long limbs. Somewhat muscular. Very heavy on its feet as it walked past. A very small mouth. It’s eyes were a dark black and almost pearl appearance. A small thin neck and a large elongated and boulbed head. only had four fingers. It walked slowly past. And it felt as though it wanted me to follow it. It went past the wall and looked back again. It stood for a few seconds. It made a soft sound. More like the sound that a cat would make, or a toddler would make trying to pronounce words.

It walked away. Dogs in the area were dead silent. Almost a silence that was deafening. I stood there, closing my eyes. And I heard it walk away. To afraid to move, I stood there. Walking very fast into the house, I went into the kitchen. Put the light off and stood there
That’s when I heard the dogs in the street go Ballistic. When I came to my senses, I was laying in my bed. When I looked at the time it was 4am. I came home, just before 2am. What happened to my hours? This is not the first time I have seen this EBE. I saw it on a rainy night in 1993 after my dad a asked me to go investigate, why the dog was barking all night. It was precisely the same type of being.
This time, it was different. I have missing time here. I need to speak to a professional about this. I cannot account for the missing time. I don’t know what I was doing, or, where I was for two hours of my evening !

Michael Tellinger is one of the experts on this type of encounters. I need to contact someone. Or can someone contact me please or come see me? There has been a lot of activity on the Westrand lately.

This is my experience and it’s not the first time.

Someone contact me please? I have more to tell.

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  1. Hi Feizel, you’re not alone in having this experience. I am not an expert in this topic, but have alot of knowledge and interest in the matter. I think it would be in your best interest to speak to some directly related family of yours, I.E – Your Mom,Dad and any directly related Brothers or Sisters, even your Grandmother(s) or Grandfather(s) and ask them if they’ve had ANY strange experiences or strange “dreams” which left an imprint on their memory, some people mistake these experiences for dreams (because it seems impossible to their minds and they wake up in bed, just like you did). Also, next time it happens: Check your body carefully for any marks (usually light red pressure marks) – But check as soon as possible, the marks disappear/heal very quickly. If you would like to chat more about this, you can contact me via e-mail at: spawnochannels(at)

  2. Reach out to Ufologists in this field. I’m sure once they know of your encounter/experience, some would try to make contact with you.
    This does not happen to many people, but if on more than 1 occasion….chances are you’re a repeat abductee, and for a reason…..

  3. Michael Tellinger is not an expert, he is a fraud who makes claims of discoveries he didn’t even make. What a chop…

  4. Shame man. What an experience but I’d also have been k@k scared and freaked out. My brother is adamant that I was abducted as a small child. Seeing me taken through a window with him and my sister watching. In the morning my sister didn’t remember anything when my brother asked. I dream of aliens followed by sleep paralysis. I’m pretty sure those are just dreams but I am still freaked out. I feel for you. I hope you can get some answers.

  5. Michael Tellinger is a fraud and just steals everyone’s material. Try and contact James Gilliland at ECETI. Can contact me too at, I am in SA and have a lifetime of experiences. 082 043 1893, Regards Carlos

  6. You are certainly not alone. I have been visited by the same species for years. I only had good experiences though and I remember very well what happened. Its not always a terrible experience. It sounds crazy and no one believes you….

  7. I was almost abducted as a teenager and have seen these crafts multiple times. People think I am crazy or have watched too many movies. I have also had burn matks on my forearms – marks as small as capsules. I just can’t wait for their full disclosure so that the world will know dt we are not alone

  8. Hi, came across your story. I also have some info for you, as I’ve been following what’s going on in our skies. Especially around horizon area. Contact me if you want to discuss it. I know it’s a crazy experience.

  9. Charlie Mohammed

    amazing to here your stories

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