The Single Biggest UFO Sighting Over Southern Africa – So Far!

This article was written by Carlos Tavares

Reports have been coming in with details of an unusual large moving object appearing in the sky in the early evening of the 29th September 2013. These reports were sent in from locations across the country and all reporting that they saw it at the same time.


Here is my personal experience of this event:
“Waterberg, Limpopo, South Africa, at about 19h00 29th Sept 2013: My neighbours’ phone, shouting for me to go outside. As I walked out the door, I could see it immediately. It was extremely large, several times larger than the full-moon size. Clearly in the centre you could see what looked like a very bright star, surrounded by a massive halo – like a perfectly round cloud following the inner star – but in the centre you could see the “star” clearly.

It moved from South to North. It slowed down a lot as it came overhead, almost stopping completely and the total sighting was a few minutes long as I had time to go in and out the house three times to fetch my camera, my tripod and then my binoculars, bearing in mind that it was already half way through the sky when I got to see it. Then it once again picked up speed and continued to the North, and then the so called cloud changed shape completely and became flattened then gradually disappeared.

You certainly got the sense that this was all very deliberate and it was meant to be seen. I phoned my friend who happened to be in Krugersdorp, which is West of Johannesburg, some 200km south of here. They were reporting the exact same thing there too.”


Following up on what I had just seen, reports were coming in from the entire country on the internet:
North West Province, Durban, Welkom, Bethlehem, others in the Free State, East London, Jeffrey’s Bay, Roodepoort, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Sun City and Botswana.

I am sure there would have been even more reports as large parts of the Eastern side of South Africa were totally overcast and experiencing rain at the time. There were even reports from as far afield as Mauritius and Malawi!

This YouTube video has been posted from Mauritius:

All were reporting the same thing. Here are some comments from the reports:

• “bluish white halo, travelling slow”
• “aura growing in diameter up to seven times in size”, for about ten minutes.
• “seemed to be little stars in the nucleus bouncing around”
• East London airport apparently picked up nothing on Radar
• “haze got bigger and bigger and dimmer”
• “when we came inside the dstv was jumping channels on its own”
• “the size of a full moon”
• “silently moving”

When you first looked at this object it was as if you were looking at the full moon through some clouds, which often then makes a “halo” as well. Where the skies were clear including my sighting, the halo was only around this single moving very bright star, so the rest of the stars in the sky were in perfect view.

All the pictures and videos taken do not do justice to the sighting. In them you see an object more or less the size of an average full moon, but in reality it was so much bigger, like an optical illusion. It was so captivating and exciting to watch.

The timing was also perfect in that if this was a very intentional sighting to further acclimatize us to ET presence. If it was even a craft of some sort, around the time of 19h00, you would have the most people seeing it, as it has just gotten dark. Any later and most people would be indoors, probably watching TV. When you looked at the object it was almost as if there was a dimensional aspect to it, seemingly becoming bigger but with a benevolent feel to it all.

UFO and other strange phenomena sightings like fire-balls have massively increased recently. The “gears” so to speak have changed. More and more people are seeing and awakening to the greater reality that we are not alone and have never been.

We can expect to see more and more such phenomena until soon we will have full open contact.

One thought on “The Single Biggest UFO Sighting Over Southern Africa – So Far!

  1. Greg Roberts

    Unfortunately for UFO buffs this was an event associated with the launch of the FALCON 9 rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base at 16h00mUT on the 29 September 2013. A search on the internet will reveal MANY reports identifying the event. Here is one of MANY

    I wonder if the report above will now be correctly associated with what it was – UFO fans do not like to have their beliefs corrected.

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