Thabazimbi UFO sighting in 2002

About 2002 a friend and I had left Thabazimbi headed for Northam early in the morning at about 6am. I was the passenger and was still trying to get some more sleep when I saw a strange light over in the darkness to our right hand side, I asked the driver if he could see it and he told me he had been watching it for some time.

The intensity of the light was like nothing i have ever seen before so bright and straight, I would liken it to a fluorescent tube rising and falling inside the thin cloud cover without ever coming out of the bottom of the clouds.

As we watched a second and then third ‘tube’ started rising and falling inside the clouds These ‘tubes’ were not in any particular shape and seemed to rise and fall independently of each other.

This rising and falling went on for a few minutes until suddenly a huge light came down also within the clouds and completely eclipsed the smaller lights until the larger light rose up higher inside the
cloud cover.

After that one by one the smaller lights also rose up within the cloud cover and ‘switched off’.

All this time the sun had been rising on our left and within seconds of the lights switching off the same up and down movement started deeper into the gloom away from the rising sun. I would estimate the distance from where this up and down movement was when we first saw it to its second position to be about 5 seconds.

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