White Light Moving Fast – Camp’s Bay

Time and date: 18 October 2015 at sunset
Place: Camp’s Bay
Submitted by: Guy Bester

At sunset yesterday 18 Oct 2015 on Camps Bay beach, my 10 yr old daughter suddenly exclaimed having seen a single light go very fast from the the beach low over the sea and disappear over the horizon in a few seconds. She said it was a white light and not flashing. I asked if it could’ve been a plane but she said a plane could never go that fast. She is totally unaware of the UFO meaning, so I’m just wondering if anyone else has reported anything similar.

UFO Fleet above Johannesburg

Hi there,

I was sitting on my patio on the 27th July 2015, when I suddenly noticed these white balls starting to show up below the sun. I saw one or 2 at first, didn’t quite know what I was seeing, and thought perhaps it was a packet in the wind.

Once I got a better look at them, they started to appear in larger quantities. It was as though something was arriving. I stopped counting when I had reached 50, but over 50 orbs suddenly “warped in” and started moving in a Northern direction. Some were lower in the sky, some were exceptionally high, and all moving at different speeds. There were a few bigger orbs, but mostly all the same size. I could track them across the sky as they were reflecting the sunlight, and watched them zip off into the distance, losing sight of them due to buildings. Continue Reading…

Flying White Discs

Time and date: Sunday, 7 June 2015, 9:15 to 9:35
Place: ?
Submitted by: David van der Merwe

Sky was completely clear. Driving back from the shops I spotted two tiny white discs moving across the sky. The discs would have been obscured completely if I held a ten-cent coin up at arm’s length in front of them.
Parked my car, ran to my back yard and quickly located them again, but now could see a third disc, making a triangular formation. I called my wife, who came and saw the same moving discs, staying in formation as they travelled across the sky in a slow, west to east direction.
After about 15 minutes, the dots were nearing the horizon and started fading from view. A fourth disc, very faint, became visible for a few minutes as if it were trailing the others.
We were unable to capture video or photos – the glare from the morning sky against the tiny dots was too strong unfortunately.

Blue/White Flash – Bot River

Time and date: 1 June 2015 at ?
Place: Bot River
Submitted by: Giuliano

Whilst driving back to Cape Town from Jeffrey’s Bay, we where travelling through Bot River along the N2 at around 6 in the evening on 01/06/2015. There where 3 of us in the car and all 3 of of saw this bright blue/white flash on top of a nearby hill. The light was bright enough to light up the entire night sky (It was cloudy and raining but no lightning or thunder). The light flashed again several times before disappearing.

Two White Flashing Lights N1 JHB

Time and date: 3 March 2015 at 7 PM
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Terry

A friend called as i left work at around 7pm on the 3rd of March 2015, informing me of 2 strange flashing lights just as you approach the N1 highway off William Nicol. I was unable to see the lights and so figured he was tripping balls. However as i continued my trip, just before the Rivonia offramp, i saw two strange flashing white lights, that seemed far too static to be an aircraft. The further i drove, the closer it got. Eventually, i drove under what appeared to be a round brownish object spanning 3 lanes at about 8 stories off the ground. Unfortunately due to traffic and a near crash, I was unable to take a picture, did anyone else see this?

White Object – Kenilworth

Time and date: 28 Feb 2015 at 11 AM
Place: Kenilworth
Submitted by: Aziel

At around 11am on the 28th of feb ,saw an object, almost identical to White Tapered Object – Bulawayo by Stoki except it was horizontal and not going downward angle….it just appeared and then vanished 5secs later. It appeared to be hovering.and was a bright white/silver it almost appeared that it changed colour to blend in with the blue sky when the white shimmered and it was gone.it was roughly about 4 times bigger than a normal passenger plane,which is what drew my attention to it in the first place.

Red/blue-white light – Vredendal

Time and date: 20 December 2014 22:36
Place: Vredendal
Submitted by: B van Niekerk

I was outside looking for my dog when I noticed a ‘star’ that appeared red. I noticed it changing colour to a blue-white. At one point it appeared as if it was rotating, then red again and then the white-blue colour. It was rather far off, but I could see it moving, like a craft trying to keep steady in a wind storm or something. I called a witness to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and she also confirmed that it was moving. What I saw was exactly as described in the post, Bright Light- Cresta.

White Dots in Square Formation – Johannesburg

Time and date: 30 August 2014 at ?
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Chili

Report: I was at a friend’s braai yesterday in Observatory, Johannesburg, and attention was soon brought to the 4 mysterious white dots that seemed to be aligned in a perfect square formation. The dots seemed very very high up.
Upon further inspection, we noticed that there were more dots scattered around the square. We watched the square for about 15 minutes and noticed that the dots were slowly moving away from each other.
We soon saw that the dots had now lined up in a straight line. And a few minutes after that, they disappeared.

Anybody have any idea what it could’ve been?

UFO/Moving Stars in formation

Time and date: 25 August 2014 at 6:50 PM
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Jordan Vevers

I looked up as I always do & noticed a star, on further inspection I noticed it was burning different colours. It looked small and then another one joined it. They were locked in some sort of dance. I noticed that they seemed to move around in different patterns. I also noticed them get brighter, then faded slightly and started moving away into the distance. This amazed me and I was sure its military. After going inside to wait for some time to pass I came back out and this time there were more spread out and in formation. At this time I notice strange waves of light and not could feel I was been watched and it felt like I was been toyed with. They then broke formation and started to fade as if it were all in my imagination and that they become camouflaged with the normal stars behind them. At this point I was annoyed because this was def. military or an actual UFO because I see these same things have been reported all over the world they flash red, green, blue and white lights and move in a jelly fish like way.. (Bizarre) I cant believe what a nut I sound like writing this.