UFO flying over Hermanus sky on 4 September 2015

Time and date: 4 September 2015 at 7:45 PM
Place: Hermanus
Submitted by: Sharon Johnson

At about 7:45pm on Friday night my husband and I were returning home from a restaurant. As I looked up at the clear night sky I saw something that looked like a star very high in the sky going very fast going in a Southwest to North/North East direction. It made no sound but was very high as I strained my eyes to see it. My husband tried to film it with is cell phone camera but it was too high and you can only see blackness when trying to view it. I am certain it’s the same one Zafar Monier in Llandudno saw. Weird and crazy …

Yellow Star – Sighting in George, Western Cape

Time and date: 3 September 2015 at around 20:15pm
Place: George
Submitted by: Helena



I live in George and on Thursday 3 September 2015 at around 20:15pm (I can’t remember the exact time), I saw a yellow ‘star’ moving and stopping and going left a little, right a little. It was moving from left across the sky, stopping occasionally. It was far away, but large with a constant yellow glow.

I watched it for about min too afraid I might miss it to run inside and grab my phone and film it. It eventually stopped way on my right, hovered a bit, and then shot off into the night, and became smaller and smaller until it disappeared altogether.

Round ball of fire with formation underneath

Time and date: 9 July 2015 at 8:10
Place: Malmesburu
Submitted by: Johan du Toit

Burning light – seems like round light of fire moving from Kalbaskraal to Malmesbury then turned towards Saldanha, slowly going higher and higher and then disappeared ( to far away). No sound and directly above us. Like ring of light/fire and some form of formation/structure hanging underneath. Sorry no pics.

Triangular Shape with Red Lights – Tableview

Time and date: 15 July 2015 at 8:30 PM
Place: Tableview
Submitted by: Francesca

Did anyone see a bright red light moving very slowly quite high up on wed 15.7.15 +- 8.30pm. We live in Tableview and the direction was from the west going towards East. No noise so couldn’t have been a helicopter. It hovered and moved off slowly and disappeared. A sort of triangular shape. Definitely not a Chinese lantern either. Didn’t get a picture this time. Not the first sighting in the same area.

Bright white fireball – Cape Town

Time and date: 1 July 2015 at 18:33
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Anonymous

Did anyone else see a bright white fireball dropping downward towards Table Mountain at around 18:33 this evening? We were travelling on the R27 towards Paarden Island when we noticed this very bright white light “falling” downwards towards the front side of Table Mountain. There was no noise or trail of any sort behind it. Seemed too big to be a shooting star.

Orange light few meters from plane

Date: 23-03-2015
Time: Around 6:10am
Location: Cape Town
Submitted by: Juan

This morning as I departed Cape Town on my way to JHB, I was staring out of the plane’s window right after take off (as any window seat passenger would) – It was early enough for the sun not to have risen yet, so it was still pretty dark.

I suddenly saw a big bright orange ball / light zipping past. It was at such a high speed that I only saw it for about half a second to a second. It was about a meter or so away from the plane. Continue Reading…

Four Orange Lights in Durbanville

Time and date: 14 March 2015 at 20:25
Place: Durbanville
Submitted by: Janet Kilian

We live in Durbanville, Cape Town. This evening at 20h25 my husband John and I were travelling home. I noticed 4 bright orange lights above us in a southerly direction. Two sets of two were travelling together, moving and slowing to catch up with each other. They all stopped. One of the two sets slowly faded then disappeared. The other set of two just hung there, then two minutes later also faded and disappeared. Then 1 more came rushing across the sky, stopped where the others had been, then went the same way and disappeared.

White Object – Kenilworth

Time and date: 28 Feb 2015 at 11 AM
Place: Kenilworth
Submitted by: Aziel

At around 11am on the 28th of feb ,saw an object, almost identical to White Tapered Object – Bulawayo by Stoki except it was horizontal and not going downward angle….it just appeared and then vanished 5secs later. It appeared to be hovering.and was a bright white/silver it almost appeared that it changed colour to blend in with the blue sky when the white shimmered and it was gone.it was roughly about 4 times bigger than a normal passenger plane,which is what drew my attention to it in the first place.