UFO sighting above Table Mountain

About two weeks ago I went over to my parents house and as I was leaving, my mom said to me “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, we saw a UFO last night.” – she said this so casually as if this were a daily occurrence.

I wouldn’t call myself a UFO enthusiast by any standards, but I was brought up in a very open-minded Ukrainian family. Having grandparents who grew up in tiny remote villages in rural Ukraine, UFO’s were always spoken about as fact in my household. Continue Reading…

Bright White Object | Tableview

10.22pm: 14 Nov 2013: Tableview, Cape Town
A clear windless evening with clear skies. Observed a bright white object originally assumed to be a star, then thought maybe a satellite. However, it moved at a steady pace very high up in a southern to northerly position stopping suddenly and appeared to roll onto its side so it became a half bright light. It then shot up vertically disappearing in less than a second without even leaving a light trail. It simply vanished. There was no noise at all.

V shaped object over Alberton, JHB

Rather freaked out right now as I’m not a believer in things that are not confirmed but I’m going to entertain this and hope that others have had a similar sighting or can even tell me I’m wrong.

This evening, 27/10/ 2013 at about 19:30, I was outside sitting on my camp chair watching the clouds just pass, I saw a 2 V-shaped object moving in a straight line very high up, it came into view between then clouds and then vanish behind a cloud and I couldn’t follow them anymore..

There were no lights on them and they were moving at a massive speed, faster than any plane would cross the sky or even any satellite I have ever seen.

Splitting Object | Outside Vredenburg, Western Cape

Date: 06/10/2013
Time: 2100 hours
Location: Farm outside of Vredenburg on the West Coast, Western Cape

On Sunday, 6 October we were standing on the porch of the farmhouse having a chat. My friend heard a very soft noise which he thought was an plane in the distance. All of a sudden he yelled trying to get our attention. What I saw was one light breaking into 6 pieces, all in a very straight line, moving at quite a speed. At one stage it was like looking into the windows of a jumbo jet flying past. Then it disappeared into thin air, almost like it was moving behind a cloud. Thing is, there were no clouds that evening, none! It was a crystal clear evening. Continue Reading…

Multiple sightings in Hartbeespoort area

I have seen a number of very strange things in the sky in the Hartbeespoort area during the last weeks. Apart from the fuel dump of SpaceX’s Falcon spacecraft which left a halo ring in the atmosphere I actually saw unidentified objects in the sky on four occasions during the last four weeks.

One night I was driving home from Meerhof to Ifafi at about 10:15 when I saw whap appeared to be a disk with multiple golden yellow lights on its edge floating overt the dam in front of the Magaliesberg mountains. It moved overt he mountain and thereafter disappeared from view. Continue Reading…

Ruler-shaped Object | Cape Town

Place: Cape Town
Time and date: 6 September early morning
Submitted by: Anono

Long ruler shaped vertical object, gold in colour, spotted hovering in sky early morning. Very unusual.

The pics are taken from my apartment window on the 9th floor of a building in Roeland Street, in the city centre. I was looking out in the direction of Milnerton/Tableview. The object was stationary and appeared cylindrical shaped. I thought it might just be a puff of cloud reflecting the rising sun (it was about 07h00 in the morning), but there were no other clouds in the sky.

I told some friends and they saw it too and 2 of them mentioned they saw it last night as well.

Reoccuring UFO Moving in Spiral Shape | Pretoria

Place: Pretoria, Gauteng
Time and date: 24/08/2013
Submitted by: Jaco Swartz

I see the same thing every 2nd to 3rd night. I noticed it one night when I went outside for a last smoke before getting into bed. I looked up and I looked at what seemed to be a star. After about 30 or so seconds I realized it was moving. My first guess was I was looking at a satellite, but the characteristics of its movements was unlike anything I ever saw. Continue Reading…

Splitting Object | Cape Town

Place: Rugby, Cape Town
Time and date: 9th August 2013
Submitted by: Clive

Friday the 9th August 2013 my cousin were having a braai in Rugby. His house is positioned behind the flats near to the hut in Rugby. The sun was going down and there was a half moon in the sky. I happend to glance up and noticed a bright shining star behind the moon looking at the direction of the sea. Continue Reading…

Erratic Orange Light | Durban

Place: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Time and date: 06:16am 05 August 2013
Submitted by: Natalie Hall

This is our third sighting. The first two sightings were a group of fast moving orange lights travelling together coming north going east which was in the last two years. Other people also sighted these and called into east coast radio.

However this morning as I was leaving for work there was an erratic orange light moving horisontally and vertically very fast which is why I spotted it as it was incredibly odd, it then faded slightly and shot very quickly up into the sky. I have caught it on video off my cellphone. Very odd!

Definitely not debris from space or any human aircraft of any kind.