UFO Over Alberton, Gauteng

While walking home in Alberton, Gauteng I heard a strange noise that seemed to be all around me. Hard to explain. It was like a very low deep buzz sound, but not very loud at all.

It was maybe an hour or two after sundown. I looked up and saw a triangle looking thing in the air just hovering above about a kilometer away. It stayed there for about a minute then moved up quickly and shot off to the East. It moved so fast and made no sound other than the light buzz of what seemed to be inside me. It was truly amazing. Continue Reading…

Metal, Triangular-Shaped Craft Emitting Lighting-Like Beams

Time and date: 12 October 2014 at 8 PM
Place: Between Vaalkop and Bakkrans
Submitted by: Anita de Lange

On Sunday evening, around 8pm, my brother phoned us to go outside and look at the sky – to hear if we saw what him and his weekend guests and farm workers were all seeing: a big triangular white metal shape with maling multi-coloured lights hovering above the area between the Vaalkop and Bakkrans. He said the object was bigger than the largest star, smaller than the moon and very bright in the sky. It was making no noise, and expelled lightning like light beams down to the ground. It was too high and too big to be a helicopter. It was slowly rising in the sky. Unfortunately we could not see anything as our farmhouse (about 10km from my brother’s as the crow flies, with the Vaalkop in between) are between mountains and high trees. Continue Reading…

Triangular UFO in Johannesburg

Time and date: 9th of August 2013 at 7 – 7:30 PM
Place: Ormonde, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Venice

I was seated in the back seat of my brothers car on our way to a fundraising party in Ormonde I saw the most awesome sight. Just above a road bridge @ about 7/7:30pm I saw a triangular ufo with red and green lights on its edges. I cannot say exactly what its size was but having been to an airport I would say about the size of a commercial plane perhaps slightly bigger,it seemed to made of some kind of metal like steel but I also noticed it seemed tarnished in other words not a clean metal,it was kind of silverish gold with blackish tarnish. I also noticed a seam along the its symmetry. While trying to take this all in and being in complete awe I neglected to take pics although I had a small bag with only my phone and lipstick in it I just could not take my eyes or mind off of what I had been looking at and all. Continue Reading…

We are not Alone

Sighting/article submitted by Mike.

We are fascinated by the UFO phenomenon , well those that care to take note of the incredible event that is unfolding around us. I’m sure that this is not an invasion , as it is probable that has already happened sometime in our past.

I was always curious, but not sceptical , and purely because I had not personally witnessed a “craft” with my own eyes , I believed in the possibility , but in the past I had only classified the UFO sightings as an unexplained weather anomalies or mistaken aircraft identification .
I know aircraft well, not from an aviators point of view , but from building aircraft models as a youngster , air shows , and running outside every time I hear a different
Aircraft engine tone.

I have witnessed at least two to three forms in my life and these UFO’S and was inspired to become more aware , and I took a closer look , my curiosity needed more information , and I can also say that my eyes are true , my mind sound , I can believe what I have seen. Continue Reading…

Possibly triangular object

It’s a cold cloudless night in Mthatha and I think I just saw a UFO around 19:40, 24/06/14

I went outside to lock the gate when I looked up at the stars like I normally do to see a black triangular object in the sky. it had white/orange lights on each corner and moved silently and gracefully. it moved almost like a dragon-fly above a pond and didn’t have any problems turning/changing direction.

I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, but it certainly was not an aeroplane.

also, I only say it was black because it was dark outside and I just saw three Orange/white lights in triangular form moving very strangely.

Black triangular shaped over Lakeside

Time and date: 12 June 2014 at 4:10 PM
Place: Lakeside, Cape Town
Submitted by: Leisl Sutton

Just spotted a black triangular shaped object over Lakeside in Cape Town. Had just reached the top section of Ou Kaapse Weg heading home, so was about 4:10pm. As I rounded the corner at the top I saw it in the sky. Black in colour and at first I thought it was a jet but the passenger in my car also saw it and thought it was a kite as it was not moving at all. We could not stop due to traffic but both of us had a good look. Was quite close and high and totally stationary. One side of it looked white, but might have been the reflection from the sun. Continue Reading…

Triangular Object – Doornpoort PTA

Time and date: 12 January 2014 at 20:45
Place: Doornpoort, Pretoria
Submitted by: JH

My husband and I were watching the lightning show. It was dark clouds with lightning bursts without thunder. We noted a triangular object with several lights in the clouds that seemed to be coming out of the clouds towards us. There was no sound with the object. The object had colourful lights on two of the outside edges. It sped off in a different direction without effort or a sound and disappeared faster than the blink of an eye.
We have video footage of the clouds after we saw the craft. It seems that there are objects in the clouds.

Triangular Shaped UFO in PTA

Time and date: 4 January 2014
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Jacques

Me and my wife both saw an Triangular Shaped UFO with 3 lights on each corner in Pretoria on the 4 of Jan 2014. It came past us 3 times that night while we were looking at the stars. The UFO came past every hour and at 11:10 the night we really saw it it as bright as day. There was no sound and was as if it was hovering slowly but compared to the planes we see around it was lots faster and closer with no sound. We grabbed a phone to take a photo but unfortunately it wasn’t very clear and could not see it at all. We were stunned at how clear we could see it moving towards Centurion. Has any one seen a similar UFO?

Three lights in triangle form

This report might be a little bit late as I didn’t know and was not sure what I saw (I had an idea) that morning until I read stories about the same type of phenomena!

It happened one morning (I was in the military) when I and other fellow soldiers was awakened by a senior officer so that we must go outside, fall in formation and ready ourselves for a morning PT session, It was still dark then, when I and a friend of mine were standing in formation next to each other and just by coincidence I was looking at the stars when I saw these lights moving. At first I though it was a plane, and then I thought but planes most of the times had coloured lights and it was too far off, and then I thought it was a satellite, but 3 satellites moving in an orderly fashion in a type triangle formation, moving quite slowly and not making a sound for about five to ten minutes heading south or south west?! What really bothered me was when the lights just disappeared. My friend also saw this and we were really astonished. I didn’t take any pictures or tell anyone else until I saw a documentary about the same three lights moving together in a strong triangle formation with no sound, and that’s when I realised it, that was probably looking at a UFO.

This happened in June or July 2010 at about 05h00, it was a long time ago so I cannot remember the exact date now. The place was in Wonderboom in Pretoria next to the Wonderboom Airport.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Sorry I didn’t take any pictures because I wasn’t taking it that serious and we weren’t allowed to have I cameras with us that time.
But the picture I attached is exactly how it looked like that morning.

Thank you very much

Orange Orbs | Kirstenhof + Video

Place: Kirstenhof, Cape Town
Time and date: 10pm 27th July ’13
Submitted by: Leigh

The orange orbs are back! 3 bright fiery orange orbs appeared suddenly in the sky over Muizenberg area (seen from Kirstenhof) They were preceded by a bright white flash like sheet lighting (except there was no thunder or lightning and only partial cloud) They moved silently and slowly over toward the north, changing postions until settling into a triangular configuration before fading out. Whole sighting lasted about 15 – 20 mins. (3rd light obscured by the carport). Video below or watch here.