Lights moving in formation – Kroonstad

Date: 16/12/2015
Time: 09:10 pm
Place: Kroonstad
Submitted by: Mario Guisti

It started with a fast moving object moving across the sky. Shortly after that in a different direction, three lights moved across the sky in a triangular formation. Then there were lights, what looked like search lights moving up and down in the area where the object went. The lights stayed for a minute or so, then the object moved in a 45 degree angle from where it was last moving. The lights were a dimm yellow and there was no sound at all.

UFO over Strijdom Park, Randburg before storm 19/11/2014

Time and date: 19 November 2014 at 13:00
Place: Strijdom Park, Randburg
Submitted by: Kunal Deepnarain

UFO sighted by myself and receptionist over Strijdom Park Randburg at about 13:00 just before a minor storm. The object was black in colour and small, it moved very fast in a direction that no plane or aircraft could move. It didnt make any sound as the area that i was in is fairly noisy with traffic. The craft left a white line in the sky, i image this not as smoke but a trail of cloud. It moved really fast. This sighting lasted between 7 and 10 seconds only. i know that this was no small plane, no pilot would have been up in the air with that storm brewing like it did. If anyone else saw this they would understand that these things are real and police and government will deny the existence of life on other planets.