Red/blue-white light – Vredendal

Time and date: 20 December 2014 22:36
Place: Vredendal
Submitted by: B van Niekerk

I was outside looking for my dog when I noticed a ‘star’ that appeared red. I noticed it changing colour to a blue-white. At one point it appeared as if it was rotating, then red again and then the white-blue colour. It was rather far off, but I could see it moving, like a craft trying to keep steady in a wind storm or something. I called a witness to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and she also confirmed that it was moving. What I saw was exactly as described in the post, Bright Light- Cresta.

So many UFOs during power out

Time and date: 8 December 2014 at 9:20 PM
Place: Montagu, Western Cape
Submitted by: Laylah

Hi there,

My boyfriend, his mom and I were sitting on the trampoline and looking up at the stars in Montagu Western Cape, tonight on the 8 December 2014. It was at about 9:20pm. It was during the black out. At first it was just one and we still joked and said it was an aeroplane. But it was moving impossibly fast and the light was not flickering. It also had a sort of ring around it and seems to jump in and out of sight. If you looked just above it you could follow the light with your peripheral vision, but if you looked directly at it, it seemed like a dull grey dot. Over the course of an hour we saw the following: at least 30 of these same balls of light, going in all different directions including turning at high speeds and the strangest angles. We also saw about four or five bright flashes of light ‘balls’ and then they would immediately disappear. We also saw things that appeared to be similar to shooting stars but obviously weren’t because they were much brighter and moved much slower. There was also this ‘disturbance’ kind of haze in our vision if we looked through one eye at a time. Can anyone tell me what this could have been or meant? Very strange!

Large Red Object – Elarduspark, Pretoria

Time and date: 12 September 2014 at ?
Place: Elarduspark, Pretoria.
Submitted by: Lucia Esterhuizen

On the early hours of 12 September 2014 @12h00 (today) my mother woke up and was standing in the bathroom. She saw a bright red light coming from the distance (approximately direction from Bronkhorspruit). The object was very big and could not be seen as a whole. The object was round with sub objects that looked like stars around. The object moved and then stood still. When standing still the stars moved but without any sound. My mother moved to another room and still saw the object clearly. This object continued coming closer to the house and went right over the house. This continued till 4h00. Did anyone see anything like this?

UFO/Moving Stars in formation

Time and date: 25 August 2014 at 6:50 PM
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Jordan Vevers

I looked up as I always do & noticed a star, on further inspection I noticed it was burning different colours. It looked small and then another one joined it. They were locked in some sort of dance. I noticed that they seemed to move around in different patterns. I also noticed them get brighter, then faded slightly and started moving away into the distance. This amazed me and I was sure its military. After going inside to wait for some time to pass I came back out and this time there were more spread out and in formation. At this time I notice strange waves of light and not could feel I was been watched and it felt like I was been toyed with. They then broke formation and started to fade as if it were all in my imagination and that they become camouflaged with the normal stars behind them. At this point I was annoyed because this was def. military or an actual UFO because I see these same things have been reported all over the world they flash red, green, blue and white lights and move in a jelly fish like way.. (Bizarre) I cant believe what a nut I sound like writing this.

Kraaifontein UFO in 2006

rectangular UFO in Kraaifontein

In 2006 me and 4 friends was taking a stroll at about 3AM, we where walking along the railway tracks between Kraaifontein and Joostenberg Vlakte when I saw which looked like a shooting star with light tail, approach from the Paarl distance over the horizon. It headed towards us with insane speed, but when it seemed like it would go overhead it stopped dead in its tracks above us. Continue Reading…

White Light – Vereeniging

Time and date:02:55-03:00 on 12/05/2014
Place: Vereeniging
Submitted by: Delene

It was Monday morning between 02:55-03:00 on 12/05/2014 in Arcon Park, Vereeniging. Took dog out and saw light through the tree in my back yard. Looked and saw a white light looking like a meteor moving from right to left but low. Not like your normal shooting star, had a ball of white light with a tail and red and light blue lines in tail. I would like to know if anyone else saw this and would like to know what it was, Thanks.Moved fast, gone towards R59 in two seconds and was gone.

High Velocity Object Changing Direction

Time and date: 12H03 pm on 25 April 2014
Place: Queenswood, Pretoria
Submitted by: Neville

Just before getting into my car, I noticed a star-like object travelling towards me at an enormous speed from the North to the South. There were no clouds and the object could be seen clearly against the dark contrasting dark blue sky. The object had the same simple appearance similar to a satellite one can observe at night, the only differences were: It was slightly bigger than a satellite; it travelled at much much greater speed than a satellite and the most significant difference and observation was that the object spectacularly changed direction (almost 90 degrees) from its original straight path without any speed deviation before continuing on a straight path again. Continue Reading…

Large “Star” Over Maitland

Time and date: 21 March 2014 at 4 AM
Place: Maitland, Cape Town
Submitted by: Sean

Ok, so I was sitting on my front porch at about 4am on the 21st March 2014 with a house mate when she pointed out to me a large star sitting low in the sky. She said she had seen it before on other mornings at around the same time. It looked like a star but looked about 5 times bigger than the biggest star I had ever seen. As we watched we saw it sway side to side as it slowly travelled higher in the sky. It was obviously very far away so the movement looked slow though I figure it was probably moving at a massive speed. I know that it is not a star and I’m extremely curious to find out exactly what it is. It appears once every couple of days around the same time and in the same area.

Possible UFO sighting in Durban

TIme and date: 7:45 pm 07/03/2014.
Place: Queensbourgh, Durban
Submitted by: Duncan

I just witnessed a possible UFO siting. I saw an object about the size of a dim star. At first I thought it was an aeroplane but it wasn’t flasing and it was moving way too fast to be a plane. It went across the sky quite fast so I thought it was a meteor but I saw it again a few minutes later coming from the same place in the opposite ditection. This repeated several times until it eventually stopped. It was completely silent.

Moving Stars in the Daytime

stars in the day

TIme and date: 8 February 2014
Place: Goodwood, Cape Town
Submitted by: Deon

On 08-02-14 we were driving to Grandwest in Goodwood. My daughter all of a sudden says “daddy I see sparkly things in the sky” I tried looking and at first couldn’t see anything. My wife also couldn’t see anything, then eventually I managed to see these things that looked like stars in the sky, only they were moving, disappearing, reappearing moving in different directions. I rushed to find a parking spot so I could get a better look. I looked up and there were so many of them I could not count. Some were close to one another, some looked like they were together and then moved apart from one another. Continue Reading…