Lights Moving in Unison – Pretoria

Time and date: 27/02/2014 at 21:05
Place: Suburb Rietfontein, Pretoria
Submitted by: Gerhard Versfeld

I was looking straight up at the stars while talking on the phone.
The two objects came down from a higher altitude and also became brighter as it was decending. Descent was very fast.

The lights did not only get brighter but moved apart and it was then clear that it was decending.
The object/objects consisted of two lights at a height of approxamately 3000-4000 feet. This is my impression. Continue Reading…

Splitting Object | Outside Vredenburg, Western Cape

Date: 06/10/2013
Time: 2100 hours
Location: Farm outside of Vredenburg on the West Coast, Western Cape

On Sunday, 6 October we were standing on the porch of the farmhouse having a chat. My friend heard a very soft noise which he thought was an plane in the distance. All of a sudden he yelled trying to get our attention. What I saw was one light breaking into 6 pieces, all in a very straight line, moving at quite a speed. At one stage it was like looking into the windows of a jumbo jet flying past. Then it disappeared into thin air, almost like it was moving behind a cloud. Thing is, there were no clouds that evening, none! It was a crystal clear evening. Continue Reading…

Splitting Object | Cape Town

Place: Rugby, Cape Town
Time and date: 9th August 2013
Submitted by: Clive

Friday the 9th August 2013 my cousin were having a braai in Rugby. His house is positioned behind the flats near to the hut in Rugby. The sun was going down and there was a half moon in the sky. I happend to glance up and noticed a bright shining star behind the moon looking at the direction of the sea. Continue Reading…