So many UFOs during power out

Time and date: 8 December 2014 at 9:20 PM
Place: Montagu, Western Cape
Submitted by: Laylah

Hi there,

My boyfriend, his mom and I were sitting on the trampoline and looking up at the stars in Montagu Western Cape, tonight on the 8 December 2014. It was at about 9:20pm. It was during the black out. At first it was just one and we still joked and said it was an aeroplane. But it was moving impossibly fast and the light was not flickering. It also had a sort of ring around it and seems to jump in and out of sight. If you looked just above it you could follow the light with your peripheral vision, but if you looked directly at it, it seemed like a dull grey dot. Over the course of an hour we saw the following: at least 30 of these same balls of light, going in all different directions including turning at high speeds and the strangest angles. We also saw about four or five bright flashes of light ‘balls’ and then they would immediately disappear. We also saw things that appeared to be similar to shooting stars but obviously weren’t because they were much brighter and moved much slower. There was also this ‘disturbance’ kind of haze in our vision if we looked through one eye at a time. Can anyone tell me what this could have been or meant? Very strange!


Would love to know if anybody in Camps Bay, Cape Town, spotted today, 22nd June 2014, a strange flying object, above the sea, not very high. We looked at it with binoculars, and it looked like a shiny ring, flying kind of vertically, as in its diameter was perpendicular to the surface of the sea. We lost sight of it because of a tree in front of us and never spotted it again. It was too far to take a photograph or video, unfortunately.