Multiple Red Lights in Durban

ufo sighting chatsworth durban

Date 05/01/2015
Time 8:50pm
Place: Durban Chatsworth (objects came from South and appeared to be moving East )
Submitted by: Zahid

Objects were very far to hear any sound.
Red lights (some may of had 2 red lights)
Could not make out the objects size or shape, i only saw red lights as it was very dark then.
They traveled slowly, and moved out of view.

I was working on my computer, when my mother ran into the room frantically calling me to see something, she said she didn’t know what it was. Continue Reading…

Orange balls in Cape Town

Time and date: ?
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Frankie

We saw the same lights over cape town, 3 of them moving out to sea. There was a plane first and the the 3 unidentifide lights followed. About 2 minutes after that another orange / red light approached from table mountain direction out to sea where it appeared to hook up with one of the other UFO. There is a video on the net about this.

I also have this on video but quite a big clip. Where can we upload this to for an explanation?

It seems exactly the same as the Durban and Kempton Park reports.

Editor’s note: Hi Frankie, you can upload the video on Youtube and then we’ll share it here. Thanks!

UFO sighting in Ramsgate

Time and date: 2 January 2015 at 22:10
Place: Ramsgate
Submitted by: H. Herrmann

Overcast conditions with an estimated base of 2,000 ft. Wind north easterly at about 25 kts.
A red/orange ball was noticed. At first appeared as if it was fireworks. This ball was moving in a south westerly direction as if on a flight path from Durban to East London. Watched it for 1/2 to 1 minute until it started to fade into the distance. Then observed another ball, this one was more red, moving in a similar direction but was further out to sea. 5 minutes later another red ball appeared moving in the same direction also more out to sea. Watched it until it faded from view.
No sound was heard in any of the instances.
Could it have been a laser or perhaps a parachute flare type of firework?
Certainly not a normal firework since the trajectory was horizontal and no bangs were heard throughout.

A triangle object on new years day – Kempton Park

Time and date: 1 January 2015
Place: Kempton Park
Submitted by: Chemy

I live less than a kilometer from OR Tambo air port. 15 min after entering the new year i saw a black triangle with red light flying an east direction. It had a red light illuminating brighter than some flash lights that i saw everyday of passing planes that i see everyday. The other thing that made me more suspicious was the light it didnt flicker like what the red light of plane does. It was constant and when it was very close to the airport it switch off the lights thats when i saw it was triangle, that realy surprise me because if it was a plane it was not going to switch off the light. That made me to conclude that it was a UFO. The time it passed some people where still burning some fire works but what see was definately a UFO .if anyone was observing by that time could have seen it because it was cloudy which means the was no stars it was visible for ony 47 sec.

Red/blue-white light – Vredendal

Time and date: 20 December 2014 22:36
Place: Vredendal
Submitted by: B van Niekerk

I was outside looking for my dog when I noticed a ‘star’ that appeared red. I noticed it changing colour to a blue-white. At one point it appeared as if it was rotating, then red again and then the white-blue colour. It was rather far off, but I could see it moving, like a craft trying to keep steady in a wind storm or something. I called a witness to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and she also confirmed that it was moving. What I saw was exactly as described in the post, Bright Light- Cresta.

Moving light in Cape Town City

Time and date: 29 November 2014 at 12:34 AM
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Beau

On the evening of the 28 November me and my partner were sitting on the balcony of a loft at the Cape Town Lodge Hotel around 12:34am (basically the 29th November then). We at first thought it was a satellite moving among the stars but noticed a very strange behaviour and movement pattern of the red/amber light as it went at a medium pace from right to left. The movement was not only in a straight line but went up, down, made a few turns here and there and eventually vanished after more than 10 seconds of observing this light. It was visible to us as we were on the 15th floor looking over most of the city buildings. The light was not flashing or indicating different colours but remained a single colour for the duration. I have seen plenty of satellites and shooting stars in the Karoo, therefore I know it was not either. It was not only me who saw this, but my partner as well. I have told a few people about this to ask for their opinion as I have not seen anything like this. My only answer to this so far is a sighting of a Nephilim.

Triangular UFO in Johannesburg

Time and date: 9th of August 2013 at 7 – 7:30 PM
Place: Ormonde, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Venice

I was seated in the back seat of my brothers car on our way to a fundraising party in Ormonde I saw the most awesome sight. Just above a road bridge @ about 7/7:30pm I saw a triangular ufo with red and green lights on its edges. I cannot say exactly what its size was but having been to an airport I would say about the size of a commercial plane perhaps slightly bigger,it seemed to made of some kind of metal like steel but I also noticed it seemed tarnished in other words not a clean metal,it was kind of silverish gold with blackish tarnish. I also noticed a seam along the its symmetry. While trying to take this all in and being in complete awe I neglected to take pics although I had a small bag with only my phone and lipstick in it I just could not take my eyes or mind off of what I had been looking at and all. Continue Reading…

Large Red Object – Elarduspark, Pretoria

Time and date: 12 September 2014 at ?
Place: Elarduspark, Pretoria.
Submitted by: Lucia Esterhuizen

On the early hours of 12 September 2014 @12h00 (today) my mother woke up and was standing in the bathroom. She saw a bright red light coming from the distance (approximately direction from Bronkhorspruit). The object was very big and could not be seen as a whole. The object was round with sub objects that looked like stars around. The object moved and then stood still. When standing still the stars moved but without any sound. My mother moved to another room and still saw the object clearly. This object continued coming closer to the house and went right over the house. This continued till 4h00. Did anyone see anything like this?

UFO/Moving Stars in formation

Time and date: 25 August 2014 at 6:50 PM
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Jordan Vevers

I looked up as I always do & noticed a star, on further inspection I noticed it was burning different colours. It looked small and then another one joined it. They were locked in some sort of dance. I noticed that they seemed to move around in different patterns. I also noticed them get brighter, then faded slightly and started moving away into the distance. This amazed me and I was sure its military. After going inside to wait for some time to pass I came back out and this time there were more spread out and in formation. At this time I notice strange waves of light and not could feel I was been watched and it felt like I was been toyed with. They then broke formation and started to fade as if it were all in my imagination and that they become camouflaged with the normal stars behind them. At this point I was annoyed because this was def. military or an actual UFO because I see these same things have been reported all over the world they flash red, green, blue and white lights and move in a jelly fish like way.. (Bizarre) I cant believe what a nut I sound like writing this.

White Objects Flying in Formation – Parkhurst

Location: Parkhurst/Johannesburg/South Africa
Date: 05/11/2014
Time: 15:09 to 15:14 (it might have been there earlier than 15:09 – we only noticed it at 15:09)
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 5
Shape of objects: Round – white (my husband, a very experienced pilot, said that the one object reflected red/pink and the one other object reflected green) – to me they just looked white.
Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No
Weather Conditions: VERY clear blue sky and no wind Continue Reading…