Kraaifontein UFO in 2006

rectangular UFO in Kraaifontein

In 2006 me and 4 friends was taking a stroll at about 3AM, we where walking along the railway tracks between Kraaifontein and Joostenberg Vlakte when I saw which looked like a shooting star with light tail, approach from the Paarl distance over the horizon. It headed towards us with insane speed, but when it seemed like it would go overhead it stopped dead in its tracks above us. Continue Reading…

Rectangular Object – Faerie Glen, Pretoria

Time and date: 3 March 2014 at 19:40
Place: Faerie Glen, Pretoria
Submitted by: George Mann

Sitting on my patio trying to spot satellites when I spotted this large black rectangular shape flying over our house at an amazing speed. Looked like a Stealth US plane but much too large. I am familiar with planes but this was definitely not one. Three small white lights spread over each wing section. The amazing thing is that there was absolutely no sound. Was so sudden and so amazing. No time to even think about taking a photograph.

Gansbaai UFO close encounter

Place: Gansbaai Western Cape
Time and Date: April 14, 2013 at 2AM
Submitted by: Lilah

Hi, I am a fireman and what I saw wasn’t fire or a meteor. Driving home my partner and I saw what appeared to be something large that was burning. It wasn’t fire, because it was so close by that we could see there was no movement in the extra bright rectangular orange light as there is in fire and there isn’t any thing that massive to burn in that bushed shore area. Also, the whole image seemed to be one shade of unnaturally bright orange and standing still on the ground or just above it and as we drove towards it, it vanished in front of our eyes after about 40 seconds (At about 90m away). It might have been the most close by sighting reported. And I think it was landed. My eyes was searching the environment for the scene until we were far past it, but there was no trace of any orange light or glow at anywhere!