Flying Object Flashing A Green Light – Krugersdorp

Time and date: 12/17/2013 @ 23h00
Place: Krugersdorp near game reserve
Submitted by: Stanman

I decided to go sit outside a bit star gazing. 5 minutes outside I was lying on my back looking at stars when from my left top vision area I spotted a satellite. Haven’t seen one of those in a while. Then my mind went, wait… it’s green?? Then I noticed its flashing?? It came from a Southern direction towards the West…. Continue Reading…

Flashing Gold Lights near Muizenberg

Place: Muizenberg, Cape Town
Time and date: 06 April +-20:45
Submitted by: Daniel Shepherd

I was driving and saw bright gold lights flashing in the sky. It lasted for a good few seconds. There was no noise. Just bright lights going on and off while I was driving quite a few of them. They seemed quite low down. Really freaked out.


Place: Muizenberg direction
Time and date: 20:45 on 6 April 2013
Submitted by: Morne Botha

We were driving on the N7 past the Bothasig off-ramp. We first saw two rows of golden flashing lights and then two minutes later we saw these golden flashing lights in the shape of a large triangle in the direction of Muizenberg. These lights flashed for approximate 10 seconds and then disappeared.