Large UFO above house in Midrand

In September 2012 when living in Midrand at about 2am I was woken by an extremely loud humming sound in the distance. It was travelling north from Pretoria side going south towards Jhb but moving very, very slow.

I lived on a smallholding in a rural area. The humming sound got louder and louder the closer it moved towards my house and the windows and house started to vibrate as it was moving over the property. Eventually it was above my house. I was terrified as it was just myself and my children at home. I can not tell you the shape or colour, and I don’t believe there were any lights. I did not get out of bed to look at what it was as I felt frozen. All that I can say is that the object was huge and was flying very low. It was moving sooo slow and felt like it was just above the roof. It carried on moving over the house and I lay listening for about 45 + min as it traveled of into the distance still moving slow with a loud humming sound.

I have never before or since heard anything like that.

I know that there have been several sightings of other UFOs in Kyalami about 20km from where I lived.

High Velocity Object Changing Direction

Time and date: 12H03 pm on 25 April 2014
Place: Queenswood, Pretoria
Submitted by: Neville

Just before getting into my car, I noticed a star-like object travelling towards me at an enormous speed from the North to the South. There were no clouds and the object could be seen clearly against the dark contrasting dark blue sky. The object had the same simple appearance similar to a satellite one can observe at night, the only differences were: It was slightly bigger than a satellite; it travelled at much much greater speed than a satellite and the most significant difference and observation was that the object spectacularly changed direction (almost 90 degrees) from its original straight path without any speed deviation before continuing on a straight path again. Continue Reading…

Rectangular Object – Faerie Glen, Pretoria

Time and date: 3 March 2014 at 19:40
Place: Faerie Glen, Pretoria
Submitted by: George Mann

Sitting on my patio trying to spot satellites when I spotted this large black rectangular shape flying over our house at an amazing speed. Looked like a Stealth US plane but much too large. I am familiar with planes but this was definitely not one. Three small white lights spread over each wing section. The amazing thing is that there was absolutely no sound. Was so sudden and so amazing. No time to even think about taking a photograph.

Aliens Enjoy High School Athletics

Since I was a young child, I’ve been curious and cautious about the existence extraterrestrials. I’ve seen numerous baffling things in the skies, but believe I saw my first UFO in December 1999 just before I turned 13 in Silverton, Pretoria. As a friend and I laid on the grass watching the stars, we saw a twinkling object moving irregularly fast and jaggedy. It was very, very high up and appeared to be a star or satellite at first, but certainly was not. We watched it for about 10 minutes and when I finally got up to retrieve my camera it zoomed away. It was strange but not entirely life altering. Continue Reading…

Sighting over Pretoria-North

Time and date: 29/03/14 at 20:15
Place: Pretoria North
Submitted by: Fernando

On 29/03/14 at 20:15 I saw lights in the sky in the vicinity of Capital Park, Moot area. It appeared at about 800-1000m in the sky. I noticed it rising from a western direction moving in north-eastern direction.

I could not determine its speed. It had a orange glow and moved without audible sound. I saw a total of 9 lights appearing in quick succession to each other. After about 2 minutes the lights faded, each one in almost the same position as the last.

Two aircraft passed the area on the eastern side while the lights were in the sky. The aircraft appeared to be landing at Wonderboom Airport.

Lights Moving in Unison – Pretoria

Time and date: 27/02/2014 at 21:05
Place: Suburb Rietfontein, Pretoria
Submitted by: Gerhard Versfeld

I was looking straight up at the stars while talking on the phone.
The two objects came down from a higher altitude and also became brighter as it was decending. Descent was very fast.

The lights did not only get brighter but moved apart and it was then clear that it was decending.
The object/objects consisted of two lights at a height of approxamately 3000-4000 feet. This is my impression. Continue Reading…

UFO over Silver Lakes area

Time and date: 25 January 2014 at 1:30 AM
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Andries Joubert

I live in The Willows Pretoria. Around 01:30 am I stood on our balcony looking at the lightning towards Silver Lakes when I and four others saw a bright blue light rising straight up in the air at a quite a speed. It stayed stationary for a while then descended again. We waited about 15 seconds and sure enough it did the same thing again. On the third time it rose, it ascended with an arch upwards and didn’t just go up, but was also moving from side to side, then descending again. It was a bright blue light and was a considerable distance away, and we couldn’t hear any sound. It did this several times for about 15-20 minutes before not ascending again. Did anyone else see this? Please let me know. This was my first UFO sighting. I am 35 years old and couldn’t explain it. Definitely wasn’t a plane or a helicopter.

Reflecting Object – Irene

Time and date: 16 January 2014 at 7:14 AM
Place: Irene
Submitted by: JP

Today, 16.01.2014 I was driving to work at 7. Round about 7:14 AM while I was driving on the N14 connecting to the N1 I saw an object falling out of the sky. I only saw it as it was reflecting the light from the sun. The object was falling to Irene’s side, I tried to keep track of it but traffic and other driving conditions I couldn’t keep track of its descent. However when my eye caught it 5 minutes later I noticed it remained stationary, and didn’t change course. When I climbed onto the R21 the mysterious object had vanished. I just want to know if anyone else saw it ass well.

Triangular Object – Doornpoort PTA

Time and date: 12 January 2014 at 20:45
Place: Doornpoort, Pretoria
Submitted by: JH

My husband and I were watching the lightning show. It was dark clouds with lightning bursts without thunder. We noted a triangular object with several lights in the clouds that seemed to be coming out of the clouds towards us. There was no sound with the object. The object had colourful lights on two of the outside edges. It sped off in a different direction without effort or a sound and disappeared faster than the blink of an eye.
We have video footage of the clouds after we saw the craft. It seems that there are objects in the clouds.

Triangular Shaped UFO in PTA

Time and date: 4 January 2014
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Jacques

Me and my wife both saw an Triangular Shaped UFO with 3 lights on each corner in Pretoria on the 4 of Jan 2014. It came past us 3 times that night while we were looking at the stars. The UFO came past every hour and at 11:10 the night we really saw it it as bright as day. There was no sound and was as if it was hovering slowly but compared to the planes we see around it was lots faster and closer with no sound. We grabbed a phone to take a photo but unfortunately it wasn’t very clear and could not see it at all. We were stunned at how clear we could see it moving towards Centurion. Has any one seen a similar UFO?