Direction-changing UFOs sighted in Constantia Kloof

Time and date: 19 November 2015 at 7.30pm
Place: Constantia Kloof
Submitted by: Rory

Last night, 19 November 2015 at 7.30pm I stepped out to admire the storm starting to build-up looking in a Western direction, when I noticed up to two to three faded white circular to oval objects within the clouds. At first I thought this was lighting building up, but when I saw actual lighting behind these objects it become very clear that this was something within the clouds that was not lighting.

These object performed a pattern that is not common with lighting strikes across a horizontal direction within the sky. They seemed to perform of pattern of circular sweeping over a small area, but then would cross paths and change direction with high speeds constantly being kept. They would go clockwise, then anti-clockwise, then back and forth then up and down, then clockwise again and so forth. The pattern was not consistent at all. Continue Reading…

Cigar-shaped UFO in Johannesburg, Kempton Park

classic saucer-shaped ufo

Time and date: Wednesday, 3rd of June 2015 at 19:16pm
Place: Kempton Park
Submitted by: Malcolm Adrian

Wednesday, 3rd of June 2015 at 19:16pm , I was going outside for some fresh air, when I looked up there it was, a UFO, it was bright yellow-orange, it had a oval or was cigar shaped. it wasn’t an airplane or a jet, an airplane flickers red lights & you can hear it and a jet is too fast to stay stationary. the UFO didn’t make a sound or anything, it was in the distance just hovering there, I ran back inside so I can take a pic but it vanished. Funny thing is my friend was in Edenvale when it happened, he also saw the object, described it the same way I did, two people from different locations saw the same thing. I personally think it was interested in the Kelvin Power stations because they’re between Edenvale & Kempton Park. Continue Reading…

Weltevreden – Drone or something else?

Time and date: 10 November 2014 at 7 AM
Place: Weltevreden
Submitted by: Nicole

On Monday morning (10 Nov 2014) at around 7am I saw something above the intersection of J.G. Strydom and Cornelius. It was a few metres above the streetlights and I assumed it was a balloon or kite although it was moving very slowly and steadily towards me.

When I stopped at the light I was still watching it and it turned and started moving away over the residential area towards Hillfox. I pulled into palm court parking to try and record it on my phone but by that time it was already too far away. It moved slowly but at a consistent speed and height. Continue Reading…

Midvaal – hotbed for UFO sightings?

Time and date: 12.20 Midday – 29 September 2014
Place: Meyerton – Viewed over Glen Donald
Submitted by: Mike Hollis

Travelling East south East
Object Silent
Covered +- 6 km in 20 seconds = 1000 km/hr ?
White / flat oval /size of a Cessna light aircraft
Sitting again on the stoep looking out – this object seemed to have come up from the huge open area of mealie fields on the other side of Glen Donald. I have estimated the speed but could have been a lot faster – the flight pattern was a steady climb but as it got a little higher it seemed to bob up and down slightly, and weave from side to side a little as though it was adjusting itself in flight – almost as though it was remote controlled. I lost sight of it as it went up into clouds – still not sure what this was but definitely not a plane.

UFO sighting in Rivonia

Time and date: 8:45 on 20 June 2014
Place: Rivonia
Submitted by: Ted

I was traveling to Pretoria from Bryanston (William Nicol) in the morning at about 08:45 on the 20th of June 2014. I was doing an average speed of 80km/h because I wanted to change a cd in the radio. As soon as I am done changing the cd, I put my full attention on the road, at this point I am about 1,5km from the Rivonia off-ramp, then I notice in the sky, a shining bright oval shaped object in the sky. The object seemed to be stationary when I spotted it. I continued to observe the object and after about 8 seconds the object started to have a motion and movement. then after 17 seconds it sped off in inexplainable speeds towards the north and it disappeared in an matter of seconds.

Oval-shaped Red Light | Paarl

Time and date: 31 December 2013 at 23:30 to 23:55
Place: Paarl East (Van der stel Street)
Submitted by: Ruwayne Fortuin

I arrived at a friend of mine for new years eve party arrived about 23:15 and he told me about this light he saw. As he showed me a photo on his phone, we looked up and to my disbelief it was the same oval
shape red light moving faster than a plane, in the direction to Malmesbury. It was visible for us from Van der stel Street, Paarl East to be specific but no sound could be heard. It was moving near Paarl
mountain, from 23:30 to about 23:55 when it started to fade.