Orange ball over Bindura

Time and date: During 1978 at midnight
Place: Zimbabwe
Submitted by: Doug Herron

This is a while back and took place during the Rhodesian bush war in 1978.

My unit was stationed outside Bindura northeast of then Salisbury (Harare).

It was close to midnight and I was on my way to radio watch when I happened to glance up at the night sky. It was a cloudless night and I was amazed to see this enormous orange sphere that was stationary and glowing brightly in the north sky.

I checked for the moon and it was there, but dwarfed by this glowing orb. If I were to make a comparison in size, it was at least four times larger the full moon. Continue Reading…

Bright Orange Object in Sky Above Sea – Port Shepstone

Time and date: 11 January 2015 at 10:50 PM
Place: Southport, Port Shepstone
Submitted by: Dee Davy

We live in Southport, Port Shepstone and was standing in the garden around 10:50 pm, Sunday, 11/01/15. We live close to the beach. Just in front of us, over the trees, in the sky and above the sea, we saw a huge orange object. It was very bright, it was like changing directions, was changing its shape or it was rotating. It was the weirdest thing ever, we had goosebumps, then it just faded away…and there are stars in the sky tonight. A little freaked out… what is this and I see a lot of people have seen this all over. Is there something we do not know or is something freaky going on? Explain please!

Orange balls in Cape Town

Time and date: ?
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Frankie

We saw the same lights over cape town, 3 of them moving out to sea. There was a plane first and the the 3 unidentifide lights followed. About 2 minutes after that another orange / red light approached from table mountain direction out to sea where it appeared to hook up with one of the other UFO. There is a video on the net about this.

I also have this on video but quite a big clip. Where can we upload this to for an explanation?

It seems exactly the same as the Durban and Kempton Park reports.

Editor’s note: Hi Frankie, you can upload the video on Youtube and then we’ll share it here. Thanks!

UFO sighting in Ramsgate

Time and date: 2 January 2015 at 22:10
Place: Ramsgate
Submitted by: H. Herrmann

Overcast conditions with an estimated base of 2,000 ft. Wind north easterly at about 25 kts.
A red/orange ball was noticed. At first appeared as if it was fireworks. This ball was moving in a south westerly direction as if on a flight path from Durban to East London. Watched it for 1/2 to 1 minute until it started to fade into the distance. Then observed another ball, this one was more red, moving in a similar direction but was further out to sea. 5 minutes later another red ball appeared moving in the same direction also more out to sea. Watched it until it faded from view.
No sound was heard in any of the instances.
Could it have been a laser or perhaps a parachute flare type of firework?
Certainly not a normal firework since the trajectory was horizontal and no bangs were heard throughout.

Three bright orange/red lights in the sky – Tzaneen

Time and date: 20/12/2014 at 20h30
Place: Aquapark, Tzaneen, Limpopo
Submitted by: Trixx

I witnessed for the second time this year three bright orange lights appearing to form a triangle shape in the sky. This time they appeared closer than they were the first time i saw them earlier this year. The lights vanish every time before i can get a clear shot with me cellular camera. No sounds could be heard. Just the lights blinking and fading quickly, one after the other.

Moving light in Cape Town City

Time and date: 29 November 2014 at 12:34 AM
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Beau

On the evening of the 28 November me and my partner were sitting on the balcony of a loft at the Cape Town Lodge Hotel around 12:34am (basically the 29th November then). We at first thought it was a satellite moving among the stars but noticed a very strange behaviour and movement pattern of the red/amber light as it went at a medium pace from right to left. The movement was not only in a straight line but went up, down, made a few turns here and there and eventually vanished after more than 10 seconds of observing this light. It was visible to us as we were on the 15th floor looking over most of the city buildings. The light was not flashing or indicating different colours but remained a single colour for the duration. I have seen plenty of satellites and shooting stars in the Karoo, therefore I know it was not either. It was not only me who saw this, but my partner as well. I have told a few people about this to ask for their opinion as I have not seen anything like this. My only answer to this so far is a sighting of a Nephilim.

Klerksdorp strange light in 1970s

Time and date: June or July 1971 – 1972 at night
Place: Klerksdorp
Submitted by: Jan van Zuydam

i know this is years back but my mother is still alive to verify what I am about to tell you, if iam correct it was the year 1971-1972 June or July a Sunday night traveling home after a church meeting about 21 h 30. we lived outside of town at the Klerksdorp dam caravan park,our home was a caravan with side tents. Continue Reading…

Anomalous Light, Pietermaritzburg – 22/11/2014 19:56

On the 22nd of November 2014 at approximately 19:56 an anomalous light was observed over Pietermaritzburg. The light, when first noticed, was traveling in a northerly direction but changed direction and began heading south-eastwards. The sighting lasted less than ten minutes before the object faded into the low level clouds. The light was an incandescent orange colour which did not pulsate or blink as one would expect an of airplane.

Weather conditions at the time of the sighting were overcast, with lighting observed on the western horizon. According to South African Weather Service merged radar/satellite charts, general wind direction was south-easterly throughout the low, mid and upper levels of the troposphere with wind speeds exceeding 15 knots in the midlevels.

Chinese lanterns have been ruled out as a possible explanation as the object moved in directions that do not match with the general wind speed or direction. Autokinesis and satellites have been ruled out as the sky was fully overcast with no stars visible.

Orange round light – Gordon’s Bay

Time and date: 29 October 2014 at around 20h10
Place: Gordon’s Bay
Submitted by: Anton

Orange round light coming from direction Strand toward Gordon’s Bay at low cloud level, toward and directly above me. No sound, no strobes, constant orange light/ball, height estimate around 900m/cloud level, moving and slowing, speed no where near supersonic estimate 400kph? slowing to 150kph then disapearing behind clouds, total view time around 2 mins.

Shiny object of metal – Constantia

Time and date: 1 September 2014 at ?
Place: Constantia, Cape Town
Submitted by: Elle Quinton

My friend Kathryn & I & our 2 little girls spotted a round white shiny object from our garden in Constantia today. It was very high in the sky ( higher than the planes we usually see) & at first moved at a slow & steady pace past the moon that was visible in the sky. It then appeared to stop & stayed in one position for about 10 mins before disappearing out of sight. It appeared to be made of metal & was shiny. We tried to think of all the identifiable things that it could be, but had to admit to ourselves after a while that it was pretty weird & definitely not a plane or air balloon or satellite. What is even more bizarre is that my husband, mom-in-law, kids & I saw 5 similar objects whilst gardening a few weekends ago. The front object appeared white, but 2 others were orange & 2 seemed blue in colour. We stared at them for ages as they came from the Cape Flats direction over Constantia & then disappeared quickly. They were as shiny & round in shape as the object we saw today. I wonder if anyone else could confirm either of these sightings?