Four orange lights take off in suburb | March 2012

Date: 23/03/2012
Time: 11:30 pm
Place: Fishers Hill East down Mars road
Submitted by: Tiaan Hattingh

Two orange lights came up from behind trees in a distance of 250 meters about, then a 3rd one came up with a bright orange light then after about half an minute the first two take off on a 45 angle with a unbelievable super instant high speed then the 3rd one take off South with a bright orange light same angle and speed with zero sound. After one minute a fourth one take off South also with a bright orange flashing light.

Flashing UFOs Communication Over Table View – 18 November 2015

Time and date: 30 November 2015 at 10:00 PM
Place: Table View
Submitted by: Bruce

This occurrence happened 18 November 2015, roughly between 9:00PM and 10:00PM

I was watching satellites visually (No Telescope) that night, and saw a one single light flash (1) once. This light was over head in Table view, I turned to see if it was an aircraft, and saw another light roughly over table mountain (2) flash twice. Then light one (1) flashed once again, light two (2) flashed twice, again light one flashed once and light two responded. Then light 1 stop and slowing started moving in a northerly direction. Light 2 I couldn’t see what it did and which direction it traveled.

It could not be an aircraft because of the following:
1. The lights weren’t continuously flashing, like aircraft strobes, they were intermittent.
2. The light WERE stagnant and fixed in position, I used a point on my roof to confirm it was NOT moving. Aircraft have to move in order to remain aloft otherwise they stall and fall out of the sky.

UFO at high speed over Sandton City

Time and date: 14 November 2015 at 19:37
Place: Sandton City
Submitted by: Jayden

My father and I were driving in the car, he was on the phone with his girlfriend and I saw a strange light so I pointed without saying anything and he started getting worked up and exited because as he look up we saw an orange orb with no flashing lights so it couldn’t of been a plane. It was travelling about 10 times faster than a jet. This was in sandton city at 19:37 it was circular.

Big flashing orange object in Roodepoort

Time and date: 10 November 2015 at 10 PM
Place: Wilropark, Roodepoort
Submitted by: lizke

Last night at around 10pm I went to check if my front door was locked and to my surprise a huge orange and white object was flickering in the sky.
It moved around in circles and the flickering went on for about 10min. It stopped flickering and then a dim light was present and then it disappeared.

Stationary Bright Object – Weltevreden Park

Time and date: 26 September 2015 at 1:30 AM
Place: Weltevreden Park
Submitted by: Albert Vermeulen

On Saturday morning after letting the dogs out I was standing outside my home and observed a very bright stationary light north east of of Weltevreden Park. It is impossible to estimate the size but from where the object was observed:

Stationary in the air approx 3 times the size of Venus with the light emitted changing very intermittently and slowly from a bright white to a dark amber and sometimes red. The light did not pulsate like a warning light on a plane but slowly and gradually changed from white to dark amber and red. Continue Reading…

Orange Flying Object Projecting Lighting – Durban

Time and date: Monday, 10 August 2015 at 02:30
Place: Chatsworth, Durban
Submitted by: Jeethen

I’ve seen this on Monday 10 August 2015 at 02:30. The sky was lit up in orange. I saw a bright orange ball moving in speeds that I think no man made machine can. It was in Chatsworth, Montford, Durban. For a second I thought it was a dream until it came just above my house n with in a second it disappeared and was back again with a blink of an eye. I got my girlfriend up and she saw it as well and the thing next we saw was zig zagged as if it was marking an area then disappeared only to see the sky down south (Isispingo area) light up orange. We clearly saw it was an orange ball with like lightening coming out of it! This no dream cause two of us have seen this THING and the speed it could do. Please could anyone out there shed some light on what this could be please.

Three Orange Lights in Eldoraigne

Time and date: 20 June 2015, time: +- 21:20,
Place: Eldoraigne, Centurion
Submitted by: Michelle Jordaan

I saw three orange lights in the western sky while I was driving home in the direction of Raslouw. It looked like three organge stars. They were aligned in a straight row with a large distance between each light. The middle light was the brightest. The two on the side were not so bright as if they were further away. They were stationary when I spotted them. I focussed on the brightest light in the middle. It started moving slowly in a southeastern direction, but for a very short distance. The middle light then slowly ascended (almost in a zig-zag formation) up into the heavens until it disappeared, but very slowly as if it did not want to attract any attention; it became smaller and smaller until it was gone. At that moment I was directly under this light so I could see it perfectly. This is the second time I have seen something like this. It’s awesome!!

(There were no sounds or any flashing lights). I did not see what happened to the two lights on side but they also disappeared.

Craft spotted in Meyerton

Time and date: 3 May 2015 at 19.00 hrs +- Dark /starlight
Place: Meyerton
Submitted by: Michael

Craft heading from South to North turning NW – quite fast
Flew directly across path of incoming airlines flight path to OR International airport
but altitude was difficult to determine, looked fairly high.
Large object / Wide span
Large Orange light at each “wing” end and then each light faded to white and continued to fade to small spots in seconds to nothing until craft disappeared in my view.

I was observing with binoculars and could not make out a shape at all not even with back light from sky. Continue Reading…

Several UFO sightings in Midrand

Time and date: Wednesday the 15th April 2015, around 8 o’clock at night
Place: Midrand
Submitted by: Sonia

My boyfriend looked up at the sky and spotted a shooting star. However the “shooting star” didn’t have any lights and swerved from the edge of the night sky towards us. Once he pointed it out to me I followed it as it came closer, moving in a very fluid flowing manner. It almost hovered above us and then moved away to the opposite side of the sky where it disappeared. It was a dark, two triangular shape, almost like wings, but seemed to have have very dull orange lights at the bottom. It could possibly have been something explained, except for it’s very fast movement however we had another sighting only about a month ago, also in Midrand, around 11 at night. Once again my boyfriend spotted a shooting star, he’s good at that, but as we watched it the bright circular light shot through the sky, then changed direction several times before disappearing into darkness. Definitely not normal.

Orange Lights – Midrand

Time and date: 17 April 2015 at 20:14
Place: Midrand
Submitted by: Hari


I just observed a sighting which requires confirmation.
Details :
1) Midrand, Cnr Le Roux Avenue & Bekker str
2) Time 20:14 approximately
3) Date 17/04/2015
4) Lights looked like flickering lamps ; one light per object ; there were 2 of them. Moving in sync maintaining a distance of approximately 10-20 meters (stand to be corrected depending on height)
5) Shape could not be determined due to night sky
6) Travelling at a consistent speed of 100 or more km/h ; however could not judge the height. Hence speed may not be correctly noted Continue Reading…