Red UFO Sighting in Lydenburg

Time and date: 16 September 2015 at 19h05
Place: Lydenburg
Submitted by: Joshua and Antoinett

Report: Hi, Ons het nou al snaakse dinge in die lug gesien die laaste 2 maande maar vanaand was bitter vreemd. Dit was omtrent 19h05 (16 Sept. 2015) en daar was ‘n bloedrooi lig (bietjie groter as ‘n ster) net links onder die maan. Dit het doodstil gehang en na ‘n rukkie begin beweeg, bietjie links, dan weer stil gehang, dan weer bietjie regs, dan weer stil gehang, heen en weer…….. so het dit vir omtrent 5 minute aangegaan en eweskielik het al laer en meer wes beweeg tot ons dit nie meer kon sien nie.
Ander kere was “sterre” wat doodstil hang en dan eweskielik met ‘n spoed wegbeweeg maar hierdie was die vreemdste gesig nog. Is daar dalk nog iemand wat dit gesien het? Dit was bokant Lydenburg (Mpumalanga) wat ons die goed gesien het.

Light above my house – Volksrust

Time and date: 12 June 2015 at 22:00
Place: Volksrust, Mpumalanga
Submitted by: Melodie Nortje

I saw a flying saucer above my house last night. It really looked like the flying saucers you see on TV. Except this one had a really bright yellow light underneath. It came out of nowhere, I saw it and it disappeared. At about 22:00 in volksrust mpumalanga, 46 president street. It was beautiful and then just gone.

Reddish-Orange Orb over White River, Mpumalanga

ufo white river

Time and date: 13 February 2015 at 8:14 PM
Place: White River, Mpumalanga
Submitted by: Kyle

It was 8:14pm, 2015/02/13, on a clear, not windy evening, when my friend and I first saw the object. We were sitting at the pool chatting, when over the garage roof flew a Reddish-Orange Orb. Brighter than anything else in the sky, imagine seeing a welding arc, that would be of comparable brightness. As I was facing in its immediate direction, I saw it first, after my frantic shouts of astonishment, my friend was soon to follow. It flew over at an impressive rate, silently. We watched it for 2 minutes or so before we lost it over the tree line. We hurried inside to digest what we had just seen. After regaining our bearings, we went outside again, after 10 minutes, only to see its radiance far into the distance, we then lost sight of it once more, we then hurried to the pool, where I saw the object very faintly moving in a circular pattern, and then stopping every once in a while. These movements were incredibly fast, and well past the capability of any conventional aircraft. We then lost sight of it for good…… Continue Reading…

Accidental Sighting in Nelspruit + Photo

I live on the west rand and have a friend who lives on a farm in the Nelspruit area. She has concerns about her one son possibly being an abductee and having some personal experience on the subject, we’ve discussed it during the past week and I’ve told her what signs to look for.. Today, 20 October 2013 at 12:48 she took a picture of her back yard which she sent, purely to show me what she looks out on from her back door… Continue Reading…