Three bright orange/red lights in the sky – Tzaneen

Time and date: 20/12/2014 at 20h30
Place: Aquapark, Tzaneen, Limpopo
Submitted by: Trixx

I witnessed for the second time this year three bright orange lights appearing to form a triangle shape in the sky. This time they appeared closer than they were the first time i saw them earlier this year. The lights vanish every time before i can get a clear shot with me cellular camera. No sounds could be heard. Just the lights blinking and fading quickly, one after the other.

Space craft landing in sight

My name is Arnold and i have seen an UFO land/crash near my village @ Limpopo Polokwane. It had really bright lights and it had no sound but it was moving fast when i saw it land. The next day i went to look for it and i found it in one piece and its still there, but i never had anyone to tell about my discovery and i never told anyone about it because i knew if i told anyone about this they might think I’m crazy. I kept it a secret up untill this day. I hope my information is helpful to you.

Strange Lights – Thabazimbi

Have just discovered your site and decided to post this.

Sometime in 2000 a friend and I were working on one of the mines in the Northam area however we where staying at a lodge in Thabazimbi and would travel every morning to the mine.
One morning about six o’clock or so George was driving while I was trying to sleep, opening my eyes I noticed a strange light in the sky in the direction we where traveling, it was as if a fluorescent tube was moving up and down inside the clouds, the clouds were those thin wispy clouds that you know will burn off with the heat of the sun, none the less it was still quite a thick cloud cover, the lights never came out from below the cloud but always stayed inside it. Continue Reading…

Possible UFO | Olifants River Lodge

My husband and I saw something at about 21:00 on 5 October 2013 at Olifants River Lodge. It was moving relatively slowly about 50 m from the ground in a westerly direction. There was no sound and a pale reddish light on the object. At first we thought that it might be a flare due to the colour of the light and the fact that it initially appeared to be slowly drifting down very similar to a flare. However, as it came closer we realised that it was maintaining its height and moving in a straight line. It passed about 30 m from us. I could not make out any shape. It appeared as if the light was the object. There was no sound at all. Unfortunately I thought of taking a photo only when it was past us. Continue Reading…