Flashing UFO – Ballito

Time and date: Evening 09/06/2015
Place: Ballito, KZN
Submitted by: Marcel

While watching the stars (loadshedding again) we saw a flash of light close to the southern cross. The size of the light is similar as to what a star looks like. Then there was a second flash to the north of the fist one. The third flash completely in the opposite direction to the south. This is the second time we have seen these flashes. The first encounter was +- 6 months ago. Impossible to photograph as this happened in seconds. What can this be?

Durban – Orange Flying Object – 9 April 2015

Time and date: 9 April 2015 at 4:40 AM
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Juanita

Today on Thursday 9 April 2015 I looked at my clock at 4:40 am just after seeing a small bright orange yellow light moving across the dark sky over Durban, South Africa, and immediately wondered if it was a UFO, because it didn’t seem at all like light from the back of an airplane.

It was traveling high in the clear dark sky from northwest to southeast away from the city and over the sea. Just before being obscured by some clouds, it appeared to change speed and direction for a second or so. I realize that this may have been an optical illusion BUT I AM CERTAIN THAT I SAW THIS. After its disappearance behind some thin clouds for a few seconds, it appeared again, fading into the distance as it become more masked by clouds. Continue Reading…

20 Bright Lights in Hiberdene

Time and date: 4 April 2015 at 21:00
Place: Hiberdene, KZN
Submitted by: Willie Swanepoel

On 04/04/2015 at about 21H00 me and the whole family saw about 20 bright lights, differant colours at great speed in the distance. It is as if the red lights was guiding the yellow ones and keeping them in line. We saw all this in hiberdene kzn.

Is there any one else that saw this, please let me know.

Object in the Drakensberg sky

Time and date: May 2014
Place: Drakensberg
Submitted by: Chris Clark

The attached photos were taken in the Northern Drakensberg in May 2014. I took a series of pictures of an exceptionally red sunset at intervals of a couple of seconds as I adjusted exposure settings. It was only when I looked at the photos afterwards that I noticed a strange object in the last frame of the series. This produced plenty of theories about insects, dust and camera faults etc but I am fairly certain that the object is beyond the clouds and would love to receive your views on what it might be. Attached are the original photo and a zoomed in detail from it.