Bright star like object – Underberg

Date: 02/02/2016
Time: 09:40 pm
Place: From Underberg
Submitted by: Anon

There was an extremely bright star like object sighted from near Underberg. We used our various star applications to ensure it wasn’t a star or planet. During the sighting it appeared to go out and then became bright again. This happened twice. It then remain independent in the sky, rising slowly.

Strange objects with multiple lights flying over Pietermaritzburg

Date: 02/02/2016
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Pietermaritzburg
Submitted by: Lungisani Zondi

It was a normal clear sky night yesterday and myself and a couple of friends were relaxing outside the driveway coincidentally discussing about stars and speed of light,just a minute after that conversation one of my friends asked us guys what are those lights?..and to our curiosity we all looked up to see these lights which were in alignment to where the sun usually sets and looked as if the object was flying close to the ground but as it moved closer it was evident that the object was clearly at a distance..and we argued whether planes or jets could fly that high..but the lights of the object were the most intriguing they flashed in Red,white and green all at the same time…With green on the side of the object and red at the top and bottom of the front side strangely flicking just as lights on an ambulance or police car..this object continued to fly through our sky and disappeared to where the sun usually rises..almost in a straight line and continuously flicking,what shocked us all is that every night we’re at this driveway and can see the airport in the horizon and usually see aircraft that are arriving,departing or circling waiting to land quite easily…I wonder if other people saw these lights too..

White Lights over Ladysmith when overcast

Date: 16/12/2015
Time: 11:30 pm
Place: Ladysmith
Submitted by: Anonymous

I saw white lights over or near Ladysmith at night when it is overcast. It looks like search lights that is looking for something in the sky but there is no trail that would follow the light to its source. I saw it a couple of nights ago as well and it was 3 am. It moves very fast across the sky and sometimes there are two that streaks across the sky. I can not think of any logical reason for the lights. Sometimes the light stops and just hovers in the air for a few seconds before it moves away at a great speed. It is visible for approximately 5 minutes and stops. It then stars again in a different spot a few minutes later. I do not know if it is a UFO and it might have an explanation but at this stage it is unexplained. I can see no reason for it.

Bright light in Hilton

Time and date: 31 October 2015 at ?
Place: Hilton, KZN
Submitted by: Kelso

Saturday night I was in Hilton overlooking the PMB area when my eye was drawn to a sudden white light that presented itself in the night sky. My initial impression was that it was an airplane and i was catching its “headlight” beam. However there was no accompanying flashing lights as one normally sees. This light rose quickly but steadily into the night sky progressively becoming dimmer as it started moving away towards the horizon. What made me really curious was at the same time on the horizon I noticed a aircraft moving from east to west. The time it took for the identified aircraft to move a quarter of the sky the other object had progressed almost beyond the horizon. So the object was most definitely moving faster than a normal passenger jet at I would guess at least 3-5x the normal rate. Another suspicion was that it was a meteorite of some sought but the change in direction and not signs of trail behind object made me suspicious. Anyways I thought I would share as I was unable to logically conclude what it was.

Flashing Stars in Ballito, KZN

Time and date: 4 November 2015 at 19:20 to 19:25
Place: Ballito
Submitted by: Marcel

We have been witnessing these strange sightings numerous times. On 04/11/2015 it happened again. Apart from the occasional satellites orbiting the nightsky we saw a flash a pause (4 to 5 secs) another flash pause flash again. Maybe 5 to 6 flashes. It is brighter than a star and is the same size as a star relatively speaking. It happens around the same time evenings at around 19:20 to 19:25. It can be seen in a east to south easterly direction close to the milkyway. Don’t know if it is a coincidence but on this occasion the flashes appeared when there was a satellite passing in the same vicinity. Anyone got ideas or know what it is? Next time will try to film it.

Lights over Durban

Time and date: 2nd November 2015 +- 2;30 am-3;35 am
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Brendan

Bright lights hovering in the sky over Durban did no seem to be moving from were i stay in queensburgh but seemed as they were going on and off almost as if dissapering and coming back there were 2 that is for sure and seemed to be a short distance from 1 another

Object flying over Durban 14/08/2015

Time and date: 14 August 2015 at ?
Place: Durban
Submitted by: iRish

While attending a braai at local spot I noticed a white Orb shooting through the sky. It couldn’t have been an aeroplane as it was travelling way to high and fast and also it did not have any warning lights that aeroplanes have. There was very little clouds present so visibility was good.

After watching it for about 20-30 seconds it changed direction and suddenly disappeared. Unfortunately I was unable to get any pictures at the time. Have never seen anything like it.

Orange Flying Object Projecting Lighting – Durban

Time and date: Monday, 10 August 2015 at 02:30
Place: Chatsworth, Durban
Submitted by: Jeethen

I’ve seen this on Monday 10 August 2015 at 02:30. The sky was lit up in orange. I saw a bright orange ball moving in speeds that I think no man made machine can. It was in Chatsworth, Montford, Durban. For a second I thought it was a dream until it came just above my house n with in a second it disappeared and was back again with a blink of an eye. I got my girlfriend up and she saw it as well and the thing next we saw was zig zagged as if it was marking an area then disappeared only to see the sky down south (Isispingo area) light up orange. We clearly saw it was an orange ball with like lightening coming out of it! This no dream cause two of us have seen this THING and the speed it could do. Please could anyone out there shed some light on what this could be please.