Bright Light: Florida, Gauteng

At about 5:45 on the 28/05/2015 at Robertville, Florida, Gauteng, a very bright light caught my attention just above me. It looked like a helicopter’s search light, but there was no sound at all!! Then it started to move away from me, but upwards. The light was still very bright, as it moved up it started to become smaller and looked like an satelite, moving slowly. Then it was gone.

Boomerang UFO – Johannesburg

Date: 19 April 2015
Time: 20h30 (est.)
Submitted by: Claudia
Geo. Coordin.: 26° 6′ 0″ South, 27° 59′ 0″ East
Conditions: Clear, still
Location: Garden; looking directly above; facing south (Johannesburg)
Shape of object: Boomerang – outline only – as per drawing
Size: It’s obviously very difficult to ascertain the size, however, the drawing does represent the relative size from my viewing point
Direction: I drew in the location of the craft from when I first saw it (SSE) – it disappeared behind the tree line in my garden (NNW)
Duration: +/- 5 seconds

Short detailed description: Continue Reading…

Long, Fixed Striped Object in Linden

Time and date: 11 April 2015 at 04:20
Place: Linden, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Luke

It was around 04:20 Saturday the 11th of April 2015. Linden, johannesburg. My friend and I were up late playing video games. At around 04:20 I went outside my cottage and stood at the end of the patio to relieve myself in the garden. About to do my business I gazed up almost directly overhead. And noticed a long greyish stripe above me. I immediatly thought it was a cloud. Apart from this stripe the sky was completely clear with a very bright half moon. The stripe was located a few degrees NW of the moon. As I was still looking up the stripe it started to give off its own light. For a few seconds it grew brighter and brighter, then speedily got so bright it out shone the moon which was already bright and very close in the sky. Continue Reading…

Two White Flashing Lights N1 JHB

Time and date: 3 March 2015 at 7 PM
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Terry

A friend called as i left work at around 7pm on the 3rd of March 2015, informing me of 2 strange flashing lights just as you approach the N1 highway off William Nicol. I was unable to see the lights and so figured he was tripping balls. However as i continued my trip, just before the Rivonia offramp, i saw two strange flashing white lights, that seemed far too static to be an aircraft. The further i drove, the closer it got. Eventually, i drove under what appeared to be a round brownish object spanning 3 lanes at about 8 stories off the ground. Unfortunately due to traffic and a near crash, I was unable to take a picture, did anyone else see this?

Red/Orange Globes

Time and Date: 2 February 2015 23h30
Place: Broadacres (Fourways)
Submitted by: Zain Najim

I was having a cigarette on my balcony when I noticed a red/orange globe moving in circular motions in the North West direction , then vibrating left and right. I kept my eye on in for a good 30 minutes then it vanished. I looked around to see if I could find it again. I then noticed another 3 globes vertical to each other, also moving in the same manner, then a forth appeared much closer to me than the others. They hovered for a good hour or so then also disappeared.

What was awkward was that I kept seeing flashes of light as if lightning was striking. The sky was clear though with no thunder clouds. I couldn’t tell where the flashes of light were coming from. the moon was also extremely bright.

Was very eerie.

UFO spotted Johannesburg South

Time and Date: 16 January 2015
Place: M1 South, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Michael


(Near -26.2486367 28.0007713)’55.1%22S+28%C2%B000’02.8%22E

I was driving home from work on the 16th of January, 2015. At about 18:53, on the M1 South in Johannesburg, I spotted a fairly bright light in the sky. Since it was getting later, I assumed it was probably just one of the first stars to start showing that evening. As I drove on, it got bigger and bigger, with no other stars in the sky. In a matter of a minute or two it was much much larger, with a rather high altitude. It was then that I realized this was not a star at all, nor was it any sort of aircraft I had seen before. It was some sort of object. I wasn’t able to make out the shape of the object, it just seemed very reflective, and large, in the sky. Continue Reading…

A triangle object on new years day – Kempton Park

Time and date: 1 January 2015
Place: Kempton Park
Submitted by: Chemy

I live less than a kilometer from OR Tambo air port. 15 min after entering the new year i saw a black triangle with red light flying an east direction. It had a red light illuminating brighter than some flash lights that i saw everyday of passing planes that i see everyday. The other thing that made me more suspicious was the light it didnt flicker like what the red light of plane does. It was constant and when it was very close to the airport it switch off the lights thats when i saw it was triangle, that realy surprise me because if it was a plane it was not going to switch off the light. That made me to conclude that it was a UFO. The time it passed some people where still burning some fire works but what see was definately a UFO .if anyone was observing by that time could have seen it because it was cloudy which means the was no stars it was visible for ony 47 sec.

Stationary round orb over Johannesburg

Time and date: 20 November 2014 at 2:30 AM
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Christel Ritchie

In the night of 20 November 2014, I awoke around 2.30 am and went outside to look at the stars. And saw what I thought was a ‘new moon’ sliver in the south eastern sky over Johannesburg. I looked away, thinking its the moon. Then I realised the ‘new moon’ does not appear in that part of the sky. I stared back at this object. It did not move from its position, but slowly moving light appeared along its edge, and I then I saw it was rounder that round with a thin line of lights around its edge. I felt no fear, just wonder and awe at the privilege of seeing it. I don’t know how long I watched it, but found tears running down my face, filled with peace and love. I glanced away and it disappeared. It felt like I had been on a trip and come back to earth and I realised that I had seen and experienced some quite extraordinary. The thought had flashed through my mind to take photos, but I did not want to miss even one second of what I was experiencing. Wow.

UFO over Strijdom Park, Randburg before storm 19/11/2014

Time and date: 19 November 2014 at 13:00
Place: Strijdom Park, Randburg
Submitted by: Kunal Deepnarain

UFO sighted by myself and receptionist over Strijdom Park Randburg at about 13:00 just before a minor storm. The object was black in colour and small, it moved very fast in a direction that no plane or aircraft could move. It didnt make any sound as the area that i was in is fairly noisy with traffic. The craft left a white line in the sky, i image this not as smoke but a trail of cloud. It moved really fast. This sighting lasted between 7 and 10 seconds only. i know that this was no small plane, no pilot would have been up in the air with that storm brewing like it did. If anyone else saw this they would understand that these things are real and police and government will deny the existence of life on other planets.