Lights in the clouds | Kensington

Date: 01/01/2016
Time: 12:10 am
Place: Kensington Johannesburg
Submitted by:

While watching fireworks, I saw two greenish lights over the Bez Valley/Kensington area. The lights were circular but became elongated at times. As far as I could tell, there was no pattern in the movements. At time, the lights would circle each other. The lights appeared to fade in and out on the same spot.The lights seemed to be moving in the clouds. I just want to say, this was on New Year, but I had not had one drink, so I was not drunk.

Black trianglular craft in Eersterust, Pretoria

Time and date: 20 November 2015 at 21:10
Place: Eersterust, Pretoria
Submitted by: Johnathan

Hi guys. On Friday the 20 of November which was yesterday; I came from Eersterust Pretoria to fetch my one year old son from my parents home. As I drove from their home in Hans Coverdale West towards the south right before i get to the corner of p.s. fourie ave n H/ coverdale west before the Pick n Pay towards exiting Eersterust I saw something in the sky. It was cloudy n about to rain. Asci drove I looked several times and say this white lights in the sky and it seemed like it was hoovering about right of the centers of Eersterust high up in the sky.i couldn’t take pictures coz I was driving n there was cars infront and at the back of me and son sleep at rear in his car seat. I couldn’t hear any sound it made and my cars window was half open while driving. Then I looked again to make sure whilst driving then it disappeared for abt 3secs the appeared again at the same spot but with different colours lights and I could clearly see its shape coz it was triangular with red lights flashing on each corner n green lights around the sides also flashing. It looked like a bat plane kind of but was standing still on that very same spot with no sound. So I got on my phon emmediatly n phoned my dad to go look coz I was excited of what I just saw. Not sure if he went to look. But im sure of what I’ve witnessed. I mean who would fly a drown out on this weather especially when its raining and there’s lightning Now ima be monitoring the sky more often….im sure someone else must have seen it too……

Multicoloured UFO over Table Mountain

Time and date: 17 November 2015 at 21:11
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Carel Kruger

Quick Version:

We saw a bright light moving towards Cape Town, it then looked like it was burning out (Like a shooting star/meteor). It then started flickering, like it was igniting again, but we realised it was not burning, but there was lights flickering in a circular motion, red white green.

It was moving at an extreme pace towards Table Mountain vanished towards Camps Bay side.

This was a thrilling experience.

If anyone saw this, give me a shout!

Disk UFO Sighting Newlands, CPT

Time and date: 7 November 2015 at 9 PM
Place: Newlands
Submitted by: Kelly

At something past 9pm on Saturday November 7th 2015, I was driving home to Sea Point and took the highway going past exit 6 to Newlands and just where the road forks from exit 6 above the trees I was a huge disk (wider than the 3 lane road I was on) only just visible in the grey clouds flashing green blue and red lights around it hovering just a few meters above the traffic not moving at all – I took 3 looks just to be sure I knew what I was seeing … if it weren’t for the lights I probably wouldn’t have seen it – it was not a plane or cars or reflections on my windscreen! Has anybody else seen it? Since I was driving fast I was unable to take a pic.. 🙁

2 Triangular-Shaped Flying Objects – Table View

Time and date: 6 October 2015 at 19:45
Place: Table View
Submitted by: Tylon Harris

My aunt and I were coming home from work, round 19:45, and I saw these 2 triangular shaped flying things in the sky, not that high up and they both had 3 lights, 2 red and one green light, no lights were flashing like normal planes do, made no sound at all, and travelling way too close together. While we were watching them, the one in front just vanished, like someone just turned the lights off, then shortly after that the second one kinda dimmed out till it was gone. Would love to know if it was UFOs that we saw and if anyone saw the same, was about a week ago.

Three Bright Objects – Waterkloof Hill

Time and date: 13 April 2015 at 11:34 PM
Place: Waterkloof Hill, Fort Klapperkop
Submitted by: Leight

Standing on the waterkloof hill fort klapperkop 3 bright opjects were seen. First we thought it was the antenna pilot light but the it moved. There was only one and then the other two appeared. Triangle shape with green bright light shining out the large edge of it. The one to the west was the closest and brightest but the other two to the south was further away! Would seriously like to know what it is???

Green Meteor right over Table View

Time and date: 29 January 2015 at 8:30 PM
Place: Table View
Submitted by: Brandon


It was close 8.30pm, 29 Jan 2015.
The sky was a beautiful darker blue with a tinge of green at the horizon by the ocean & Table Mountain. I was driving along Parklands main rd, towards Bayside mall in Table View, and like I normally do when I can see the stars starting to appear & the moon starting to shine brighter, I look out at the sky with wonder an imagination.
Suddenly exactly where I was looking a huge bright green streak crossed my vision. It was over in seconds but amazingly I saw so much detail, probably because it was so low compared to the normal shooting stars one sees at night. This seemed to be very low in the atmosphere, almost touchable but obviously not. Continue Reading…

Green Orb in Meyerton

Time and date: 26th Jan 2015 – 10.10 pm
Place: Meyerton, Gauteng
Submitted by: Mike

Travelling from North to South South East
Bright green Orb – Low altitude +- 1000 feet Very high speed – from Overhead to horizon
in 2-3 seconds – this sighting was different in that we have seen Orange Red orbs 7 times here in Meyerton. Most at low speeds, some at least as fast or faster than a jet fighter, but this one was bright green and ultra fast.

Flashing lights in Mtwalume

Time and date: 23 January 2015 at 7:30 PM
Place: Mtwalume on KZN South Coast
Submitted by: Julie Titchmarsh

On Friday 23rd Jan 2015 at about 7:30 pm at Mtwalume on KZN South Coast the sky was very clear. Looked up and saw a bright white light zooming across the sky in easterly direction. Was not like a shooting star. The white light went out and then started flashing red and green. While we were watching it, what appeared to be a bright star moved across the sky in a northerly direction. There were also several bright flashes in the sky in different places. The red and green flashing object appeared to be moving up and down. This activity carried on for several hours. Continue Reading…