Orange round light – Gordon’s Bay

Time and date: 29 October 2014 at around 20h10
Place: Gordon’s Bay
Submitted by: Anton

Orange round light coming from direction Strand toward Gordon’s Bay at low cloud level, toward and directly above me. No sound, no strobes, constant orange light/ball, height estimate around 900m/cloud level, moving and slowing, speed no where near supersonic estimate 400kph? slowing to 150kph then disapearing behind clouds, total view time around 2 mins.

UFO over Helderberg

There has been a UFO hovering over the Helderberg mountains for the past few weeks. first time I noticed it was 08/05/2014. I have subsequently taken numerous pictures, as best I can and noticed a few interesting things. The first few days of observation it was there from about 04h00 till well past sunrise around 08h00. It now seems to be in a more well established routine, appearing from 05h00 till 07h30, every morning. Sometimes really low, almost hugging the top of the mountain, then changing position, usually a bit higher. Continue Reading…

Gordons Bay UFO sighting

Hi Guys,

Me and my love were chilling on gordons bay mountain lookingover the see with Strand and gordons bay on our side.Then we saw this object with a orange/redish flame at the bottom taking of vertically.we watched it for several minutes as it was going up.It made no sound, no smoke.We could immediately note that it was not a plane/helicopter/air balloon or any firework for that matter.The object then stopped ascending and started moving sideways towards the ocean.We stood and watched because at this moment we realised this was not a normal craft.Then all of a sudden it went straight up in to the night sky and vanished because it was to hight too see.We dont have any video or camera footage but rest assured people.Previous posts about seeings UFO’s in Gordons bay is true.Time of sighting was on 16 May 2014 round about 19:45.If anybody else saw this.Please let me know because my mind has been blown!