Noisy Bright Lights – Rooihuiskraal

Time and date: 29 September 2015 at 11:35 PM
Place: Rooihuiskraal
Submitted by: Jo

Monday evening 11:35.
Rooihuiskraal Noord, Goshawk street.
Sitting at my pc, house is quiet. My son asleep, my boyfriend out.
I hear this noise. (Soos ‘n gedreun van ‘n lae vliegtuig, generator van ‘n buurman)

I get up, walk to the other side of the house to the lounge, to look out the door to try and see and hear whats going on. Heard it louder but could not establish where it was coming from. Continue Reading…

Bright light in upright saucer shape – Lanseria Area

Time and date: 23 September 2015 at 5:00
Place: Lammermoor, Swartkop, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Martin Boult

My partner & I saw this extremely bright light in an upright saucer shape in the Lammermoor, Swarrtkop area in Johannesburg this morning at about 05h00. It was there until the sun peeped over the horizon.

Can anyone assist with information?

Weird Shaped Soundless Object over Allens Nek Roodepoort

Time and date: 7 September 2015 around 18:15
Place: Allens Nek, Roodepoort
Submitted by: A Weston

Dark Brown, almost black in colour, weird shaped almost like a flat Chinese lantern, i think it had the lines of a Chinese lantern – not sure, flying , more like just moving, gliding very very fast. Amazing speed – blink of an eye soundless, heard no sound and no lights not in a horizontal position but vertical – upright position. Was seconds, I saw it, turned to my daughter and asked her what the hell is that, she turned around and by that time it has already moved passed our house and my daughter ran out the gate to follow, she saw it for a second, disappeared, reappeared in a different spot and then it was gone. It happened so fast and just as fast as it appeared it was gone again – It was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. Not sure at all what we saw. Don’t know.

Cigar-shaped UFO in Johannesburg, Kempton Park

classic saucer-shaped ufo

Time and date: Wednesday, 3rd of June 2015 at 19:16pm
Place: Kempton Park
Submitted by: Malcolm Adrian

Wednesday, 3rd of June 2015 at 19:16pm , I was going outside for some fresh air, when I looked up there it was, a UFO, it was bright yellow-orange, it had a oval or was cigar shaped. it wasn’t an airplane or a jet, an airplane flickers red lights & you can hear it and a jet is too fast to stay stationary. the UFO didn’t make a sound or anything, it was in the distance just hovering there, I ran back inside so I can take a pic but it vanished. Funny thing is my friend was in Edenvale when it happened, he also saw the object, described it the same way I did, two people from different locations saw the same thing. I personally think it was interested in the Kelvin Power stations because they’re between Edenvale & Kempton Park. Continue Reading…

UFO Fleet above Johannesburg

Hi there,

I was sitting on my patio on the 27th July 2015, when I suddenly noticed these white balls starting to show up below the sun. I saw one or 2 at first, didn’t quite know what I was seeing, and thought perhaps it was a packet in the wind.

Once I got a better look at them, they started to appear in larger quantities. It was as though something was arriving. I stopped counting when I had reached 50, but over 50 orbs suddenly “warped in” and started moving in a Northern direction. Some were lower in the sky, some were exceptionally high, and all moving at different speeds. There were a few bigger orbs, but mostly all the same size. I could track them across the sky as they were reflecting the sunlight, and watched them zip off into the distance, losing sight of them due to buildings. Continue Reading…

Drone-like noise with clicking sound to change direction

Time and date: 15 July 2015
Place: Centurion
Submitted by: Garth van Veenhuyzen

While walking outside my backyard in Celtisdal, Centurion, I heard what sounded like a drone of some sorts flying over my head, but nothing visible. This would go on for 20min and no visual craft could be seen, even though it was flying as close to 5m from my head. Heard clicking noises from a different position every time craft turned around. Have a soundclip I took with my cell. That’s how close it was.

Extremely Bright Light – Eldoraigne

Time and date: This was a while back: June 2007, time 04:00
Place: Eldoraigne, Centurion
Submitted by: Michelle Jordaan

I woke up very early and opened my curtains to look at the stars. I saw a bright white star in the sky. It looked like the morning star. It was first stationary and then very slowly it started descending to stop again. It stayed in that position for about a minute. During that time I tried to determine any flashing lights or to see if it could be a helicopter because it was close to the Swartkop Airbase (my father was an air traffic controller so I know planes). But it was not. It suddenly became very bright to such an extent that the light hurt my left eye so severely that I had a pain in my head from the sharp light. The light did not become larger, just extremely brighter. The object was also not close to me. It seemed as though it powered up because shortly afterwards it skidded away at a great speed up into the heavens in a zig-zag format until it became smaller and smaller until it was gone.

I was a bit upset about the bright light that hurt my left eye. But to have seen and experience something like that was mindboggling.

Three Orange Lights in Eldoraigne

Time and date: 20 June 2015, time: +- 21:20,
Place: Eldoraigne, Centurion
Submitted by: Michelle Jordaan

I saw three orange lights in the western sky while I was driving home in the direction of Raslouw. It looked like three organge stars. They were aligned in a straight row with a large distance between each light. The middle light was the brightest. The two on the side were not so bright as if they were further away. They were stationary when I spotted them. I focussed on the brightest light in the middle. It started moving slowly in a southeastern direction, but for a very short distance. The middle light then slowly ascended (almost in a zig-zag formation) up into the heavens until it disappeared, but very slowly as if it did not want to attract any attention; it became smaller and smaller until it was gone. At that moment I was directly under this light so I could see it perfectly. This is the second time I have seen something like this. It’s awesome!!

(There were no sounds or any flashing lights). I did not see what happened to the two lights on side but they also disappeared.

Bright Light: Florida, Gauteng

At about 5:45 on the 28/05/2015 at Robertville, Florida, Gauteng, a very bright light caught my attention just above me. It looked like a helicopter’s search light, but there was no sound at all!! Then it started to move away from me, but upwards. The light was still very bright, as it moved up it started to become smaller and looked like an satelite, moving slowly. Then it was gone.