Lights moving in formation – Kroonstad

Date: 16/12/2015
Time: 09:10 pm
Place: Kroonstad
Submitted by: Mario Guisti

It started with a fast moving object moving across the sky. Shortly after that in a different direction, three lights moved across the sky in a triangular formation. Then there were lights, what looked like search lights moving up and down in the area where the object went. The lights stayed for a minute or so, then the object moved in a 45 degree angle from where it was last moving. The lights were a dimm yellow and there was no sound at all.

UFOs every night over Bloemfontein

I live on a farm outside Bloemfontein. Me and my wife have been observing UFOs over Bloemfontein every night. Flat, dark objects with no lights move in and out of a “fog” covering the city. To me it still seems like some kind of harvest. Unfortunately our cameras can’t capture the activity on vid or pic.

I read on another great website that the aliens are exploiting an energy source on earth – human soul. Kind of makes you wonder..

Strange Light South of Bloemfontein

Time and date: 7 August 2015 at 20:30 PM
Place: Bloemfontein
Submitted by: Rudolph

Saw 3 weird lights tonight 7 August 2015, 20:30+_pm. I live in Bloemfontein and saw a triangle formation in lights going on and off in the sky. They were not moving so it was no plane or satellite. The lights were going on and off in a triangular shape and and was visible for about 6 minutes in one spot. No pics available but my wife was a witness.

Flashing moving star

Time and date: 30 December 2013 at 21:19
Place: Marquard, Free State
Submitted by: SD Naudé

It’s probably a satellite, but I spotted a moving and flashing “brightly” object in the sky. I’ve got a app on my phone which shows satellites but the app showed nothing near. Spotted from Marquard, Free State at 21:19. Sorry this might sound like silly questions, but can you still see satellites at this time of night and do they flash?

Mass UFO sighting on 29 September

UPDATE: It was just a rocket! Click here to read an explanation of this sighting.

We have received the following reports on 29 September 2013. This unidentified object was seen in the Free State, Limpopo, North West, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

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Photo by Renier Swart. Taken in Schweizer-Reneke district, North West province (19:00 29-09-2013):


Photo by Anonymous. Taken in Durban:



Time and date: 29 September 2013 19:15
Place: unknown
Submitted by: Anonymous

White light appearing to be a satellite but moving irregularly, travelling slow with a big bright halo of blueish white light around it extending to about the size of a full moon, moved north east for a while and then south slowly fading into the distance. Sorry no image available. Continue Reading…

UFO sighting in Brandfort

Place: Brandfort, Free State
Time and date: 10 April 2013
Submitted by: Donovan

I live in a small town 60km North from Bloemfontein. Last night me and my wife sat outside as we noticed a huge cloud or fog covering Bloemfontein. The cloud had a red glow. For 20min we watched UFOs moving in and out of Bloemfontein. They came out of the cloud, moving in groups of 2. They where very big. I was so shocked an couldn’t stop looking. There where 8 UFOs. It was crazy. Continue Reading…

Three Triangular-shaped Craft | Bloemfontein

Place: Bloemfontein
Time and date: 2013-02-25 22:40
Submitted by: Mark Thompson

It was very warm in Bloem last night so I sat up to open the window above my bed, upon which I noticed the following strange phenomena in the sky: 3 triangular shaped craft holding in a west to north formation over the approximate vacinity of Tempe AFB. Continue Reading…