UFO sighting in Durban

Place: Queensburgh, Durban
Time and date: December 2012 early evening; don’t remember date
Submitted by: Patty

I live in Queensburgh and saw the UFOs directly north in the sky. There were 3 lights, one in the middle like a large star and two smaller stars on either side, the smaller stars then moved up directly above the larger star in a virtual straight line one above another. Continue Reading…

UFO sighting at Wonderboom Airport in 2011

Place: Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria
Time and date: 2011
Submitted by: Michael Walters

Myself and whole family were looking at air show from the highway (N4)..recording some with video camera. Then I noticed very high above airport were these bright dots(about 9). They moved like parachute jumpers, but after more than about 2 hour so high up in the sky with aeroplanes going up in the sky Continue Reading…

UFO sighting in Johannesburg

Reported by: Bruce Nortje

Place: Northcliff, Johannesburg

Date: 28 April 2012

Time: 21:30

“I hope you can help to explain what I saw, if there is an explanation for it…

On Saturday 28 April at around 21:30 in Northcliff, Jhb I was about to climb in my car to go out. Another guy who lives on the same property and his friend called me and said I must come have a look and while they looked up at the night sky.

What I saw was unexplainanble, a short description would be ‘flying stars’. Continue Reading…