Starlike objects in broad daylight – Pretoria

Date: 30 November 2015
Time: 8h25-08h55
Place: Garsfontein, Pretoria
Submitted by: Michelle

I was out in my garden yesterday morning when a flock of noisy birds were swarming around insects. I turned to see what the fuss was about and as they cleared I saw a pinpoint of light in the sky – like star – in the SE. I was still processing how odd for that time of the morning that was when I saw a second. In the space of several minutes – more appeared. I showed my husband who couldn’t really make out what I was pointing at. More appeared to the left of the first until a cluster of around 14 in total were visible in one bunch – I kept recounting to keep track. The entire lot moved across the sky in a high arc toward the NW. Several of the starlike objects formed two identical formations – like an arrow with a short tail. One of the objects was definitely longer in shape than all the rest. Then they just faded from sight. Continue Reading…

Flashing Stars in Ballito, KZN

Time and date: 4 November 2015 at 19:20 to 19:25
Place: Ballito
Submitted by: Marcel

We have been witnessing these strange sightings numerous times. On 04/11/2015 it happened again. Apart from the occasional satellites orbiting the nightsky we saw a flash a pause (4 to 5 secs) another flash pause flash again. Maybe 5 to 6 flashes. It is brighter than a star and is the same size as a star relatively speaking. It happens around the same time evenings at around 19:20 to 19:25. It can be seen in a east to south easterly direction close to the milkyway. Don’t know if it is a coincidence but on this occasion the flashes appeared when there was a satellite passing in the same vicinity. Anyone got ideas or know what it is? Next time will try to film it.

UFO flying over Hermanus sky on 4 September 2015

Time and date: 4 September 2015 at 7:45 PM
Place: Hermanus
Submitted by: Sharon Johnson

At about 7:45pm on Friday night my husband and I were returning home from a restaurant. As I looked up at the clear night sky I saw something that looked like a star very high in the sky going very fast going in a Southwest to North/North East direction. It made no sound but was very high as I strained my eyes to see it. My husband tried to film it with is cell phone camera but it was too high and you can only see blackness when trying to view it. I am certain it’s the same one Zafar Monier in Llandudno saw. Weird and crazy …

Flying object in Roodepoort/ Little Falls

Time and date: 1 March 2015 at 1 AM
Place: Roodepoort
Submitted by: Elizabeth Poverello

In the early hours (1ish am) of 1st March 2015 in the Roodepoort area (I live in little falls) saw an object brighter and much bigger than a star moving in the night sky. The shape was that of a star/cross and it moved first in one direction – just a little faster than a plane – then it went backwards then made a side turn then moved forward again. These movements were very abnormal to that of any aircraft I’ve ever seen and fairly fast. It then remained still for the next few minutes before the cloud cover blocked my view. My windows were closed so I didn’t hear anything. My mother has seen the same object too in our area.

Moving Star Over Helderberg Mountains Cape Town

Time and Date: 1 January 2015 9:00pm
Place: Helderberg
Submitted By: Oliver

Our balcony has a wide view of the helderberg and Hottentot holland mountain ranges.
It was about 9:00pm and i was getting some air outside when i spotted a “star” in the sky, although it seemed out of place, to low and to bright to be a star so i watched it.

The object didn’t move for about ten minutes so i went back inside. About five minutes later i looked from the bedroom window and the object was still there, then it dimmed and started displaying an assortment of smaller flashing shiny white lights, in some sort of sequence.

I got my binoculars and followed it as it again turned into a star shape, and it was moving slowly.
It then disappeared completely only to reappear more to the right and started flashing again. I was too far away to hear any sound.

Whole sequence happened again, then no sign after 15 mins.

Flashing lights in Mtwalume

Time and date: 23 January 2015 at 7:30 PM
Place: Mtwalume on KZN South Coast
Submitted by: Julie Titchmarsh

On Friday 23rd Jan 2015 at about 7:30 pm at Mtwalume on KZN South Coast the sky was very clear. Looked up and saw a bright white light zooming across the sky in easterly direction. Was not like a shooting star. The white light went out and then started flashing red and green. While we were watching it, what appeared to be a bright star moved across the sky in a northerly direction. There were also several bright flashes in the sky in different places. The red and green flashing object appeared to be moving up and down. This activity carried on for several hours. Continue Reading…

Sighting directly above Durbanville

Time and date: 12 January 2015 at 22:00 – 23:00
Place: Durbanville, Cape Town
Submitted by: Rob


Hi all,

Last night (Jan the 12th) sometime between 22:00 and 23:00 I stepped outside on a call to my gf and as usual gawked at the stars as we spoke.

If I look South East from that vantage I look directly at Tygerberg hill. I spotted a bright star and at a centimetre of view, a dimmer one behind it – it was a crystal clear night sky.

Then I thought I was imagining movement, as one does and tried to gauge whether the front, brighter one was moving away from the dimmer one in a North Westerly (directly toward me but extremely high up) direction.

I believed it was, so set my gaze on a different stationary star and the movement became very clear. Both of them were moving and as that thought dawned on me the front object lost a LOT of glow. Continue Reading…

Red Lights in Empangeni

Time and date: 10 January 2015 at 8 PM
Place: Empangeni
Submitted by: Greg

Around 8 pm my dad and I spotted 9 red orbs moving horizontally across the sky. There where three at first and then a minute or two before others that followed. In total there where 9 of them. Also during that time looking into the sky I seen two so called stars move across the sky and a so called shooting star. Or shall we call them starships 🙂