UFO Fleet above Johannesburg

Hi there,

I was sitting on my patio on the 27th July 2015, when I suddenly noticed these white balls starting to show up below the sun. I saw one or 2 at first, didn’t quite know what I was seeing, and thought perhaps it was a packet in the wind.

Once I got a better look at them, they started to appear in larger quantities. It was as though something was arriving. I stopped counting when I had reached 50, but over 50 orbs suddenly “warped in” and started moving in a Northern direction. Some were lower in the sky, some were exceptionally high, and all moving at different speeds. There were a few bigger orbs, but mostly all the same size. I could track them across the sky as they were reflecting the sunlight, and watched them zip off into the distance, losing sight of them due to buildings. Continue Reading…