Looks like flares

Time and date: 24 Dec 2013 – 20:00
Place: Brackenfell
Submitted by: JP

What looked like a flare shot up on the south horizon and flew all the way to the north horizon altering course twice. I called the wife and she witnessed this with me. We sat outside and watched the night sky seeing 4 more units following the same route spaced about 1 mins apart. Did anyone else see this???

Bright Orange Object | Pretoria

Place: Pretoria, La Montagne
Time and date: 18 July 2013 at 19h20
Submitted by: Sandra Peto

A bright orange object which initially looked like it was a meteor in coming towards Pretoria East. However, upon watching it move across the sky towards Centurion it seemed more like a plane on fire – yet it did not fall from the sky… it did however appear to dip and then climb and then turned upside down. Very curious as to what it is and if anyone else saw it.

“Fireball” Object – Johannesburg

Place: Weltevredenpark, Johannesburg
Time and date: 20h45 20 March 2013
Submitted by: Mohammed

Last night I saw an object resembling a fireball moving from a northerly direction. It seemed quite low and was moving as fast as a plane without any sound. It continued in southerly direction in a fairly straight line and as it moved away from me it seemed to get dim and then bright and then dim. The event lasted approximately a minute.

Johannesburg UFO sighting

Place: Johannesburg
Time and date: 23 February 2013 around 19:30
Submitted by: paige

My self and my two friends were standing outside talking on Saturday 23 February and around 19:30 we noticed this reddish orangeish object in the sky at 1st we thought it was a plane on fire but it made no sound at all and was moving to fast and had been moving forward were if it was a plane on fire it would’ve been falling… It burnt out and was the same size as a star and then wind broke around it and it looked as if it burst into flames again we didn’t manage to get a picture as it was gone within the matter of seconds

Fiery Red UFOs Seen in Pinetown + Photo

Place: Ashley, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal
Time and date: 31 December 2012 to 1 January 2013 at 23h50 to 00h25
Submitted by: Natalie

Many fiery red UFOs sighted – 3 at a time from S to N and then 3 at a time from W to E in sequence – no sound, some had little puffy clouds around it, long shapes and circular shapes – I’ve got photos to prove it. Continue Reading…