Plasma Fireball at 2pm Seen from Pretoria East: Video

Time and date: 23 September at 2 AM
Place: Pretoria East
Submitted by: Shannon

I woke up at 2:30am and noticed outside what I initially thought was the moon on the horizon, just above the tree line in the distance looking west from Mooikloof. The “moon” had a strange orange glow to it… my initial thought was that there was a fire on the horizon below the moon, giving it the strange orange glow. I got up and went to the window to get a better look as it was rather beautiful.

To my surprise I noticed that it was not the moon…but 2 objects close to each other. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and rushed back to record these two objects as they merged and became a huge fireball. The fireball was stationary initially and then sort of wobbles in a horizontal line… and gets smaller then disappears.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show how large it actually was and I had to zoom in with my phone to get more or less the right perspective. Continue Reading…

Round ball of fire with formation underneath

Time and date: 9 July 2015 at 8:10
Place: Malmesburu
Submitted by: Johan du Toit

Burning light – seems like round light of fire moving from Kalbaskraal to Malmesbury then turned towards Saldanha, slowly going higher and higher and then disappeared ( to far away). No sound and directly above us. Like ring of light/fire and some form of formation/structure hanging underneath. Sorry no pics.

Three flying objects in Margate

Time and date: 17 February 2015 at 20:13
Place: Margate
Submitted by: Ian and Cheryl Courtney

Whilst holidaying in Margate, South Coast on Thurs 17 Feb 2015 at 20:13 hrs, both my husband and I saw a flaming object ascending from region of sea in the east heading upward going south. In 5 minute intervals another two followed same path and each one’s visual was over a 20-30 second period. We have a photo and a video of this fast moving object which looks like a moving red dot in the sky. The photo was a white dot. What we actually saw was different to the video, they had a black inner and orange red flames surrounding both sides and top. They were within our atmosphere although ascended quite high before disappearing. We are both quite intrigued with this phenomena.

Bright Light – Cresta

Time and date: 14 December 2014 at 20:40
Place: Cresta, Gauteng
Submitted by: Bob Wahl

My wife first noticed an very bright light in the sky which appeared low in the sky and to me could have been the light one would associate with the flame from a hot air balloon. Very bright as a subsequent photo taken by myself will show. This was on the evening of 14th December at about 20h40. We reside in Cresta and the object would have been in the north eastern sky. My wife noticed the object moving back and forth in different directions and then slowly moved further way from where she was standing. She called me and I too was able to view the object high in the sky. Moving slowly in a northerly direction. At times the light would disappear completely but not because of cloud cover as I was still, when this occurred able to see a dark round shape where the light had been. This happened repeatedly over period of five to ten minutes after which the object (now in darkness) slowly moved away and disappeared below the tree line. I took a photograph which merely shows a pinpoint light in an otherwise pitch dark clouded sky. However, on zooming in on my phone the light becomes a multicoloured elongated cigar shape. Unfortunately this zoomed image is only visible on my phone and when I forward the image elsewhere one does not get the same perspective. Please see below:


Fireball next to the Sun

Time and date: 23 August 2014 at ?
Place: Vredendal, Western Cape
Submitted by: Shal Black

On Saturday 23 August I saw a “fireballish” object next to the sun. We were busy unloading equipment at a venue in Vredendal when I noticed some of the people at the venue staring at the sun. I then looked up to see the strange fireball object not far from the sun. Heard no sounds. It moved at a slow pace. Anyone else see this? I think it might be a meteor, but I’m not sure…

Bophutatswana UFO

It was summertime 1997 or 1998 and myself and my friends (there was about 6 of us on the day) were all in our early twenties. I am unclear of the exact time and date, as this was day was forgotten for years and I never would have spoken about it had I not seen this video 16 or so years later on Facebook, bringing back the memories of what we saw that day. Myself and friends went camping in Bophutatswana, as we often did in those days as we had special access to a great camping location on the main water reservoir. We went for a hike in the morning – it was blue, and clear – not a cloud in the sky. We were hiking great distances and often running or sprinting in between – celebrating our health and youth – jumping from large rock to large rock in-between the ridges of the ‘koppies’. Continue Reading…

Kraaifontein UFO in 2006

rectangular UFO in Kraaifontein

In 2006 me and 4 friends was taking a stroll at about 3AM, we where walking along the railway tracks between Kraaifontein and Joostenberg Vlakte when I saw which looked like a shooting star with light tail, approach from the Paarl distance over the horizon. It headed towards us with insane speed, but when it seemed like it would go overhead it stopped dead in its tracks above us. Continue Reading…

Fast flashing lights in a pattern form

Time and date: 15 March 2014 at 8 – 9 PM
Place: Grassy Park
Submitted by: Rukiya

It happened at around 8 – 9pm on 15 March, my family and I reside in Grassy Park and we had seen these lights at a distance from our house, looking towards the south direction. The lights were flashing fast, in a sort of pattern form, quite big and round. It looked as though it was fireworks at a glance, but no sound was heard, and there wasn’t any sparks or smoke accompanying these flashes. Continue Reading…

Orange Object on Surface – Mossel Bay

I’m a huge sceptic on the subject but after reading a few of these reports I’m a bit more open-minded.

I was doing a night flight in the Mossel Bay region and we were downwind for an approach. The airfield is our home base so I’m very familiar with the surrounding areas.

As I was about to turn on final approach I noticed a bright orange light but it was on the ground about 700m to the north west of the runway and it was moving westward. The light looked almost like an afterburner would if it were attached to a car sized object which makes no sense because the area itself is very flammable and a flame that size would cause serious damage.

The object also went out and reappeared about 200m ahead of its trajectory within the span of 2 or so seconds and again 600m away in a southerly trajectory, south west of the last flash point. The entire incident lasted maybe 6 seconds.

In order for any moving object to move and turn sharply at that speed it would have had to clear 4 farm fences. My first thought was it could be a light from the petro SA substation as it could line up with the initial flash points ( substation is to the west of the airfield ) but the third one is nonsensical as the direction of the ‘afterburner’ would suggest a light source from the south.

There were no other aircraft in the area nor farm vehicles capable of covering that distance or turning in that span of time due to the fences, even if they could somehow match the speed. There were two of us in the aircraft, both of us have no idea what we saw and once our turn was complete we took off for another circuit but saw nothing.