UFO at dusk, DBN, 6 September 2013

Time and date: 6 September 2013 at 6 PM
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Anonymous

Report: My friend and I met for drinks at the popular Oyster Box hotel last friday. We were on the deck facing the sea when I was looking up at the stars and noticed a very bright star moving across the sky. It was too slow for a shooting star and moved differently and faster to be a satellite.

It definitely wasn’t an aircraft, it was too high for one and it had no additional flickering lights. Just solid bright white light. It looks like the photos from the PMB sighting on the 16th June earlier this yr. I turned away and a few seconds later looked up, it was now gone suddenly. I answered a call from my excited husband who was calling to check if I had seen the UFO he had seen from our Umhlanga home. It moved from left towards to the right and then suddenly outward to the ocean and as gradually as it moved in the start it disappeared suddenly. Very odd and no one else has reported it. Did anyone else see this? It was around 6pm.

Erratic Orange Light | Durban

Place: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Time and date: 06:16am 05 August 2013
Submitted by: Natalie Hall

This is our third sighting. The first two sightings were a group of fast moving orange lights travelling together coming north going east which was in the last two years. Other people also sighted these and called into east coast radio.

However this morning as I was leaving for work there was an erratic orange light moving horisontally and vertically very fast which is why I spotted it as it was incredibly odd, it then faded slightly and shot very quickly up into the sky. I have caught it on video off my cellphone. Very odd!

Definitely not debris from space or any human aircraft of any kind.

Orange Lights Forming Diamond Formation – Durban

Place: Durban
Time and date: 00:15 24 March 2013
Submitted by: Riyash Misra

There were bright orange balls in the sky, around 8 in total. They seemed to hover, moving very fast at first then slowed down to form a diamond formation and then separated again flying off until the disappeared. It seems they appeared through a break in the night sky. Could anybody else please let me know if they witnessed this as well?