Durban – Orange Flying Object – 9 April 2015

Time and date: 9 April 2015 at 4:40 AM
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Juanita

Today on Thursday 9 April 2015 I looked at my clock at 4:40 am just after seeing a small bright orange yellow light moving across the dark sky over Durban, South Africa, and immediately wondered if it was a UFO, because it didn’t seem at all like light from the back of an airplane.

It was traveling high in the clear dark sky from northwest to southeast away from the city and over the sea. Just before being obscured by some clouds, it appeared to change speed and direction for a second or so. I realize that this may have been an optical illusion BUT I AM CERTAIN THAT I SAW THIS. After its disappearance behind some thin clouds for a few seconds, it appeared again, fading into the distance as it become more masked by clouds. Continue Reading…

Orange flying object – Durban 28 February 2015

Time and date: 28 January 2015 at 19:25
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Simone Hulbert

At about 19:25pm on Saturday evening I went out the front door of the flat I live in and looked up at the sky for some odd reason. What I saw next was unreal not to mention unexplaineable. This orange glowing object started rising out from the clouds and sort of hovered in one spot and then started rising slowly then begun to hover and after a while it disappeared. Shortly after it disappeared, another orange glowing object started rising above the clouds and did the exact same thing. I was in absolute amazement. I managed to try and get some video footage on my cell phone as best as I could.

Multiple Red Lights in Durban

ufo sighting chatsworth durban

Date 05/01/2015
Time 8:50pm
Place: Durban Chatsworth (objects came from South and appeared to be moving East )
Submitted by: Zahid

Objects were very far to hear any sound.
Red lights (some may of had 2 red lights)
Could not make out the objects size or shape, i only saw red lights as it was very dark then.
They traveled slowly, and moved out of view.

I was working on my computer, when my mother ran into the room frantically calling me to see something, she said she didn’t know what it was. Continue Reading…

UFO Sighting over Morningside Durban

Time and date: 9 November 2014 at 7:45 PM
Place: Morningside, Durban
Submitted by: Max

I am extremely sure I saw a UFO at 7:45pm on the 9th November over Morningside in Durban. I was standing on my balcony looking towards the sea and then I spotted this object moving. There was no sound but the object was a bright round light, it was slowly ascending into the sky and then suddenly disappeared. I’m hoping surrounding residents saw it too. Unfortunately I was too flabbergasted to take a photo and it all happened so quickly. I was amazed!

Orange UFO in Durban

Date: 27/04/2014
Time: 18:30-19:00
Place: Glenwood, Durban

Early Sunday evening after letting the dogs out for a run, I noticed a bright orange light flying from a south easterly direction to north west (from Durban south to Westville). There was no sound, or any flashing lights common with most aeroplanes. My only other thought was that it could have been a helicopter, but then why would a helicopter have an intensely bright orange light. Did anyone else see this?

Possible UFO sighting in Durban

TIme and date: 7:45 pm 07/03/2014.
Place: Queensbourgh, Durban
Submitted by: Duncan

I just witnessed a possible UFO siting. I saw an object about the size of a dim star. At first I thought it was an aeroplane but it wasn’t flasing and it was moving way too fast to be a plane. It went across the sky quite fast so I thought it was a meteor but I saw it again a few minutes later coming from the same place in the opposite ditection. This repeated several times until it eventually stopped. It was completely silent.

Bright light over Durban harbour entrance

bright lights over durban harbour

Time and date: 16 February 2014 in the morning
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Ashley

I was at a friends house on Sunday night, in the morning we noticed an extremely bright light just above Durban harbour’s entrance.

It was as bright as a spotlight, many times brighter than any stars in the sky. And was completely still for about an hour. Unfortunately I had to wait until it was a bit brighter to take the photo. Continue Reading…

Strange light in the Durban night sky before storm

2014/01/23 – 08:10 PM
Durban, Glenwood
Submitted by: Stephen

Went outside to let the dogs run around and as always I looked up to the night sky to see a gap in the clouds. Noticed Jupiter shining bright then saw a brighter looking object travelling North East. At first I thought it was a plane, but didn’t notice any flashing lights. Then I thought it was a satellite. From the intensity of the light and speed it was travelling I doubt it was a satellite. It then faded within seconds and disappeared. Too slow for a shooting star. Anyone else see the same thing?