Unknown lights in the very early morning

ufo over bathurst

Time and date: 26 June 2015 at 6 AM
Place: Bathurst, Eastern Cape
Submitted by: Anonymous

On the 26 June 2015 at about 6am and on a farm near Bathurst in the Eastern Cape and still dark I noticed a diamond shape light on the eastern horizon. It moved faster than a plane but in earth atmosphere and no satellite as it moved closer I took a picture but the exposure was too long and took a video but could not zoom in. I then looked through the binoculars and could make out that it’s 4 diamond lights but the lights was so that you could not see the the rest. Continue Reading…

Orange Lights Forming Diamond Formation – Durban

Place: Durban
Time and date: 00:15 24 March 2013
Submitted by: Riyash Misra

There were bright orange balls in the sky, around 8 in total. They seemed to hover, moving very fast at first then slowed down to form a diamond formation and then separated again flying off until the disappeared. It seems they appeared through a break in the night sky. Could anybody else please let me know if they witnessed this as well?