Six UFOs with Red Lights – Cape Town

Place: Milnerton, Cape Town
Time and date: Evening (7:15 – 7:30), 23 June (Sunday)
Submitted by: Rachel

Six unidentified objects crossed overhead the golf course adjacent to our house. They emitted orbs of reddish-orange light in their wakes, resembling Chinese lanterns but traveling at speed, and mostly flew in a formation of four towards the front, with two stragglers flying towards the rear. Continue Reading…

Cigar-shaped Object in Melkbosstrand in 2009

Place: Melkbostrand Beach Road
Time and date: 20h35 November 2009
Submitted by: J&J

Did anyone else in the Melkbostrand area, around end November 2009, see a cigar shaped object suddenly appear with a bar of 4 lights, hover for a few seconds about 100 meters from us, and then disappear. Absolute silence, the surrounding area seemed to go ‘deathly’ silent and cold. Continue Reading…

Photo of 11 December UFO in Cape Town

Yusuf sent us this amazing photo of the now infamous UFO sighting of 11 December 2012 in Cape Town (and other areas).

Place: Signal Hill, Cape Town
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 8:30 PM
Submitted by: Yusuf Salie

It looked like a slow moving cloud hovering at a slow pace in one direction not descending nor making any sound it was very stealth.


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Mass UFO sighting in Cape Town | 11 December

We have received numerous reports from different people that saw the same thing in the Cape Town area last night (11 December 2012). It was even seen as far as the Northern Cape and Namibia! This is the first time we have gotten so many reports on the same UFO. Below are their reports. Can you spot the similarity? All of them saw a “cloud” with a bright light behind it. Continue Reading…

UFO sighting in Cape Town #4 with photos

Place: Outskirts of Cape Town CBD in direction of Milnerton and
Ysterplaat Air Force Base
Time and date: Between 21h10 and 21h22 on December 1, 2012
Submitted by: JP

I am staying on the second (Top) level of an apartment complex in Bergvliet in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. My living room window facing directly North towards Table Mountain, Devil’s Piek and the University of Cape Town (UCT). I have an unobstructed view of the mountain and the Cape Flats. Cape Town International Airport is located to the North Eastern side of my apartment towards the Boland Mountains. I can see the airplanes approaching the airport from a North Eastern direction to land at the airport, even when they are still over the Boland Mountains. Normally on a Saturday evening, the flying aircraft over Cape Town is very limited to nothing. Continue Reading…