Long, Fixed Striped Object in Linden

Time and date: 11 April 2015 at 04:20
Place: Linden, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Luke

It was around 04:20 Saturday the 11th of April 2015. Linden, johannesburg. My friend and I were up late playing video games. At around 04:20 I went outside my cottage and stood at the end of the patio to relieve myself in the garden. About to do my business I gazed up almost directly overhead. And noticed a long greyish stripe above me. I immediatly thought it was a cloud. Apart from this stripe the sky was completely clear with a very bright half moon. The stripe was located a few degrees NW of the moon. As I was still looking up the stripe it started to give off its own light. For a few seconds it grew brighter and brighter, then speedily got so bright it out shone the moon which was already bright and very close in the sky. Continue Reading…

White Tapered Object – Bulawayo

Time and date: 8th of Feb 2015 at 9:00 – 09:30 AM
Place: Matsheumhlope, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Submitted by: Stoki

I witnessed a large brilliant white tapered cylinder shape, with a dark (black band?) on forward section or nose (tapered at the tail end, blunt front end). The object was descending at a speed I would estimate to be around 400/500km an hour at an angle of around 40 degrees at approximately 9-30am. My first reaction was that it was a light aircraft, but it was moving way too fast, and it made absolutely no sound at all. It had no wings or control surfaces, and the angle of descent and speed was very surreal and unnatural with regards to civil aircraft. I lost sight of it when it dipped below the tree line. I would estimate the distance between the object and myself at not closer than 2km; I could be way off as I did not see anything behind it to give me a good reference point, but it was close enough for me to see a fair amount of detail on the object. Continue Reading…

Bright Light – Cresta

Time and date: 14 December 2014 at 20:40
Place: Cresta, Gauteng
Submitted by: Bob Wahl

My wife first noticed an very bright light in the sky which appeared low in the sky and to me could have been the light one would associate with the flame from a hot air balloon. Very bright as a subsequent photo taken by myself will show. This was on the evening of 14th December at about 20h40. We reside in Cresta and the object would have been in the north eastern sky. My wife noticed the object moving back and forth in different directions and then slowly moved further way from where she was standing. She called me and I too was able to view the object high in the sky. Moving slowly in a northerly direction. At times the light would disappear completely but not because of cloud cover as I was still, when this occurred able to see a dark round shape where the light had been. This happened repeatedly over period of five to ten minutes after which the object (now in darkness) slowly moved away and disappeared below the tree line. I took a photograph which merely shows a pinpoint light in an otherwise pitch dark clouded sky. However, on zooming in on my phone the light becomes a multicoloured elongated cigar shape. Unfortunately this zoomed image is only visible on my phone and when I forward the image elsewhere one does not get the same perspective. Please see below:


Strange shape in Kleinmond

Time and date: 11 April 2014
Place: Kleinmond, Western Cape
Submitted by: Russell Witthuhn

While taking photos using a quadcopter of the Kleinmond harbour area on the 11 April 2014 using a standard GoPro Hero 2 set to 2 second time lapse, this strange object appeared in one of the images but was not found 2 seconds later or earlier photos. The image was taken at 1/3250. I only found the image while running through them afterwards.

It appears to be a cylindrical object with what appears to be white angel wings at the bottom. Also an aerial or something on the top.

ufo in kleinmond

ufo kleinmond 2

Cigar Shaped UFO – Johannesburg

Time and date: 1964/5. about 18:30 to 18:40 afternoon
Submitted by: Barry van der Walt
Place: Florida Hills, Johannesburg

I am now 62 years old, but remember like it was this morning my first (and regrettably only) ufo encounter.

It was 1964/5. Florida Hills, Louis Botha ave, just before Florida Afrikaans High school, direction south, Sunday early evening on the way to evening church. In the 64 Valiant was my mother, father, sister and me.

We saw some cars stopped in front of us and we also stopped. It was about 18:30 to 18:40 afternoon. We always left for church at exactly 18:30. It was dusk. From left to right, travelling over the school in a North Westerly direction was this “elongated rugby ball” shaped object, going slowly, no noise, red/yellow and shades of both colours running along the side that I could see, silently gliding towards our right. Continue Reading…

Oblong Object – Kakamas

Time and date: 27 January 2014 at 05:24
Place: Kakamas, Northern Cape
Submitted by: Seun Dippenaar

Op 27 Januarie 2014 om 05:24, ongeveer 30km buite Kakamas, op Loeriesfontein pad, onbekende voorwerp waargeneem vanuit swaarvoertuig trok. Dit was langwerpig, ongeveer 4m breed en 12m lank. Die vorm het gelyk soos n blink spieël en aan die onderkant soos een groot skynende wit lig.
Die voorwerp het skielik verskyn en het gelyk asof dit land tussen die berge. Die hele proses het n paar sekondes geduur. Blits vinnig. Vantevore het ek en mede werkers op dieselfde pad ronde vlieënde voorwerpe gesien met somtyds blink en somtyds geel skynsels.

Strange light towards Parow North/Belville Area

Time and date: 10 January 2014 at 22:05
Place: Parow North/Bellville area
Submitted by: Ivan

I was driving on the Platekloof road tonight (10.01.2014) going back home with my wife. Exactly at 22:05 when we approached Plattekloof Village Shopping Centre, we noticed some light high up in the sky and at first we thought it might be a falling star or comet. Then we got confused as object was speeding down incredibly fast (towards Earth) looking like it will crash (from our position – in the direction of Tygerberg Nature Reserve/Parow North/Belville). Continue Reading…

Sighting Roodekrans, South Africa

ufo sighting roodekrans

Time and date: Saturday 21st December at 8:30pm
Place: Roodekrans
Submitted by: Katie Fourie

Just wanted to share this. We saw what we believe was a UFO in the sky last night. It was very low bright orange dazzly like a star but very low in the sky below the clouds, 4 times brighter than Venus which is the brightest star at the moment in the sky. We watched it come from West moving across to East on the same height, making no noise at all. It was controlled and not a Chinese lantern floating. It actually flew across the sky from West to East. Continue Reading…

Ruler-shaped Object | Cape Town

Place: Cape Town
Time and date: 6 September early morning
Submitted by: Anono

Long ruler shaped vertical object, gold in colour, spotted hovering in sky early morning. Very unusual.

The pics are taken from my apartment window on the 9th floor of a building in Roeland Street, in the city centre. I was looking out in the direction of Milnerton/Tableview. The object was stationary and appeared cylindrical shaped. I thought it might just be a puff of cloud reflecting the rising sun (it was about 07h00 in the morning), but there were no other clouds in the sky.

I told some friends and they saw it too and 2 of them mentioned they saw it last night as well.