Flickering UFO in Rondebosch, Cape Town

Time and date: 27 November 2015 at 7 PM
Place: Rondebosch
Submitted by: muammar slamdien


Hi. Yesterday, 27 Nov 2015 my three friends and I were playing soccer on a field in Rondebosch. Roundabout 7pm I heard something in the sky and I looked up and we all saw an ufo with lights flickering in a circular motion and moving at quite a rapid pace. We weren’t really sure about what we saw and just ignored it as it disappeared into the sky until I read on news24 about others also sighting it.

Direction-changing UFOs sighted in Constantia Kloof

Time and date: 19 November 2015 at 7.30pm
Place: Constantia Kloof
Submitted by: Rory

Last night, 19 November 2015 at 7.30pm I stepped out to admire the storm starting to build-up looking in a Western direction, when I noticed up to two to three faded white circular to oval objects within the clouds. At first I thought this was lighting building up, but when I saw actual lighting behind these objects it become very clear that this was something within the clouds that was not lighting.

These object performed a pattern that is not common with lighting strikes across a horizontal direction within the sky. They seemed to perform of pattern of circular sweeping over a small area, but then would cross paths and change direction with high speeds constantly being kept. They would go clockwise, then anti-clockwise, then back and forth then up and down, then clockwise again and so forth. The pattern was not consistent at all. Continue Reading…

UFO Sighting: Kuils River

It seems that UFOs are getting spotted all the time but some of us has seen it but cannot prove it since it appears and dissappears in seconds. One night while smoking outside the back yard I spotted a round like object with different kinds of lights in the middle, flying at low altitude more around the height of a double storey. It appeared out of nowhere flying in a straight line then suddenly it vanished into thin air. Unfortunately I was alone outside, wife was inside the house.

Reoccuring UFO Moving in Spiral Shape | Pretoria

Place: Pretoria, Gauteng
Time and date: 24/08/2013
Submitted by: Jaco Swartz

I see the same thing every 2nd to 3rd night. I noticed it one night when I went outside for a last smoke before getting into bed. I looked up and I looked at what seemed to be a star. After about 30 or so seconds I realized it was moving. My first guess was I was looking at a satellite, but the characteristics of its movements was unlike anything I ever saw. Continue Reading…

Oval-shaped UFO with Metal-like Surface | Pretoria

Place: Leeuwfontein (East of Roodeplaat Dam) Pretoria
Time and date: Circa February 2013 around dusk
Submitted by: Gerrit

I saw what first looked like a satellite coming overhead from an Western direction traveling East, but much faster and much brighter. It was an oval circular shape with no lights at approximately 100 000 ft and approximately 30 – 40m in diameter, estimated speed, mach 4. Continue Reading…

UFO sightings in November 2011

Time and date: 18, 20 and 22 November 2011 at 22:00
Submitted by: Kristy

My husband and I had 3 sightings in November. It was at around 10pm on the 18th, 20th and 22nd. The object actually changed colour, first blue, orange and finally back to white.
Even called my grandmother who is staying with us and she too witnessed the phenom. It hung around for a few moments so we managed to get the telescope on it. It was NOT a star. Weird circular object with black and white patterns in the centre. We were actually all a bit freaked out to say the least. My granny who is a hardcore 79 yr old Christian now believes in the existence of extra terrestrials. Amazing!