Triangular Shape with Red Lights – Tableview

Time and date: 15 July 2015 at 8:30 PM
Place: Tableview
Submitted by: Francesca

Did anyone see a bright red light moving very slowly quite high up on wed 15.7.15 +- 8.30pm. We live in Tableview and the direction was from the west going towards East. No noise so couldn’t have been a helicopter. It hovered and moved off slowly and disappeared. A sort of triangular shape. Definitely not a Chinese lantern either. Didn’t get a picture this time. Not the first sighting in the same area.

Bright white fireball – Cape Town

Time and date: 1 July 2015 at 18:33
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Anonymous

Did anyone else see a bright white fireball dropping downward towards Table Mountain at around 18:33 this evening? We were travelling on the R27 towards Paarden Island when we noticed this very bright white light “falling” downwards towards the front side of Table Mountain. There was no noise or trail of any sort behind it. Seemed too big to be a shooting star.

Orange light few meters from plane

Date: 23-03-2015
Time: Around 6:10am
Location: Cape Town
Submitted by: Juan

This morning as I departed Cape Town on my way to JHB, I was staring out of the plane’s window right after take off (as any window seat passenger would) – It was early enough for the sun not to have risen yet, so it was still pretty dark.

I suddenly saw a big bright orange ball / light zipping past. It was at such a high speed that I only saw it for about half a second to a second. It was about a meter or so away from the plane. Continue Reading…

Four Orange Lights in Durbanville

Time and date: 14 March 2015 at 20:25
Place: Durbanville
Submitted by: Janet Kilian

We live in Durbanville, Cape Town. This evening at 20h25 my husband John and I were travelling home. I noticed 4 bright orange lights above us in a southerly direction. Two sets of two were travelling together, moving and slowing to catch up with each other. They all stopped. One of the two sets slowly faded then disappeared. The other set of two just hung there, then two minutes later also faded and disappeared. Then 1 more came rushing across the sky, stopped where the others had been, then went the same way and disappeared.

White Object – Kenilworth

Time and date: 28 Feb 2015 at 11 AM
Place: Kenilworth
Submitted by: Aziel

At around 11am on the 28th of feb ,saw an object, almost identical to White Tapered Object – Bulawayo by Stoki except it was horizontal and not going downward angle….it just appeared and then vanished 5secs later. It appeared to be hovering.and was a bright white/silver it almost appeared that it changed colour to blend in with the blue sky when the white shimmered and it was was roughly about 4 times bigger than a normal passenger plane,which is what drew my attention to it in the first place.

3 Orange Lights moving south over the Cape Flats

Time and date: 10 February 2015 at 20:30
Place: Cape Flats
Submitted by: Tracy Key

I went outside at around 20:30 to turn off the garden tap. I looked down my lane and saw an orange light…I thought at first it might be a plane…but it made no sound. I hurried to the front garden, to get a better look at it going overhead….and to my surprise when I looked up…there were actually 3 orange lights, one behind the other, but quite a distance apart, moving rapidly and silently south. One by one they vanished into the cloud cover and I never saw them again. I’m feeling quite exhilarated to be honest!

Green Meteor right over Table View

Time and date: 29 January 2015 at 8:30 PM
Place: Table View
Submitted by: Brandon


It was close 8.30pm, 29 Jan 2015.
The sky was a beautiful darker blue with a tinge of green at the horizon by the ocean & Table Mountain. I was driving along Parklands main rd, towards Bayside mall in Table View, and like I normally do when I can see the stars starting to appear & the moon starting to shine brighter, I look out at the sky with wonder an imagination.
Suddenly exactly where I was looking a huge bright green streak crossed my vision. It was over in seconds but amazingly I saw so much detail, probably because it was so low compared to the normal shooting stars one sees at night. This seemed to be very low in the atmosphere, almost touchable but obviously not. Continue Reading…

4 Orange Lights Moving Upwards – Kirstenhof

Time and date: 24 January 2015 at 11 PM
Place: Kirstenhof, Cape Town
Submitted by: Richard


I stay in kirstenhof and looked up around 11pm last night (24 january) and saw 4 orange/yellow coloured lights in the sky on a clear day. They looked like stars but were moving quickly across the night sky. The kept going further up and eventually the lights just disappeared. it was strange as if though they took a turn for the skies and just went straight up! first time i’ve ever seen anything like this. Could it have been 4 figther jets? My wife said she saw smoke from one of the lights but there were also clouds in the sky that could have appeared to be smoke. i wonder if anyone else saw this?