Weird Shaped Soundless Object over Allens Nek Roodepoort

Time and date: 7 September 2015 around 18:15
Place: Allens Nek, Roodepoort
Submitted by: A Weston

Dark Brown, almost black in colour, weird shaped almost like a flat Chinese lantern, i think it had the lines of a Chinese lantern – not sure, flying , more like just moving, gliding very very fast. Amazing speed – blink of an eye soundless, heard no sound and no lights not in a horizontal position but vertical – upright position. Was seconds, I saw it, turned to my daughter and asked her what the hell is that, she turned around and by that time it has already moved passed our house and my daughter ran out the gate to follow, she saw it for a second, disappeared, reappeared in a different spot and then it was gone. It happened so fast and just as fast as it appeared it was gone again – It was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. Not sure at all what we saw. Don’t know.

Two White Flashing Lights N1 JHB

Time and date: 3 March 2015 at 7 PM
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Terry

A friend called as i left work at around 7pm on the 3rd of March 2015, informing me of 2 strange flashing lights just as you approach the N1 highway off William Nicol. I was unable to see the lights and so figured he was tripping balls. However as i continued my trip, just before the Rivonia offramp, i saw two strange flashing white lights, that seemed far too static to be an aircraft. The further i drove, the closer it got. Eventually, i drove under what appeared to be a round brownish object spanning 3 lanes at about 8 stories off the ground. Unfortunately due to traffic and a near crash, I was unable to take a picture, did anyone else see this?