Cigar Shaped UFO – Johannesburg

Time and date: 1964/5. about 18:30 to 18:40 afternoon
Submitted by: Barry van der Walt
Place: Florida Hills, Johannesburg

I am now 62 years old, but remember like it was this morning my first (and regrettably only) ufo encounter.

It was 1964/5. Florida Hills, Louis Botha ave, just before Florida Afrikaans High school, direction south, Sunday early evening on the way to evening church. In the 64 Valiant was my mother, father, sister and me.

We saw some cars stopped in front of us and we also stopped. It was about 18:30 to 18:40 afternoon. We always left for church at exactly 18:30. It was dusk. From left to right, travelling over the school in a North Westerly direction was this “elongated rugby ball” shaped object, going slowly, no noise, red/yellow and shades of both colours running along the side that I could see, silently gliding towards our right. Continue Reading…

Lights Moving in Unison – Pretoria

Time and date: 27/02/2014 at 21:05
Place: Suburb Rietfontein, Pretoria
Submitted by: Gerhard Versfeld

I was looking straight up at the stars while talking on the phone.
The two objects came down from a higher altitude and also became brighter as it was decending. Descent was very fast.

The lights did not only get brighter but moved apart and it was then clear that it was decending.
The object/objects consisted of two lights at a height of approxamately 3000-4000 feet. This is my impression. Continue Reading…

Moving light – Vanderbijlpark

Time and date: 07.02.2014..05.18am
Place: Vanderbijlpark
Submitted by: Theo

I noticed a light in the sky at 5.18am. It was bright and not a star. There was total cloud cover. I thought it moved but wasn’t sure. I took a picture. The light moved approx 30mtrs to the right and I took a second picture. It then moved back into the clouds and I lost sight if it. It was silent and moved resonably fast. Continue Reading…

Bright light over Durban harbour entrance

bright lights over durban harbour

Time and date: 16 February 2014 in the morning
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Ashley

I was at a friends house on Sunday night, in the morning we noticed an extremely bright light just above Durban harbour’s entrance.

It was as bright as a spotlight, many times brighter than any stars in the sky. And was completely still for about an hour. Unfortunately I had to wait until it was a bit brighter to take the photo. Continue Reading…

Oblong Object – Kakamas

Time and date: 27 January 2014 at 05:24
Place: Kakamas, Northern Cape
Submitted by: Seun Dippenaar

Op 27 Januarie 2014 om 05:24, ongeveer 30km buite Kakamas, op Loeriesfontein pad, onbekende voorwerp waargeneem vanuit swaarvoertuig trok. Dit was langwerpig, ongeveer 4m breed en 12m lank. Die vorm het gelyk soos n blink spieël en aan die onderkant soos een groot skynende wit lig.
Die voorwerp het skielik verskyn en het gelyk asof dit land tussen die berge. Die hele proses het n paar sekondes geduur. Blits vinnig. Vantevore het ek en mede werkers op dieselfde pad ronde vlieënde voorwerpe gesien met somtyds blink en somtyds geel skynsels.

Strange light in the Durban night sky before storm

2014/01/23 – 08:10 PM
Durban, Glenwood
Submitted by: Stephen

Went outside to let the dogs run around and as always I looked up to the night sky to see a gap in the clouds. Noticed Jupiter shining bright then saw a brighter looking object travelling North East. At first I thought it was a plane, but didn’t notice any flashing lights. Then I thought it was a satellite. From the intensity of the light and speed it was travelling I doubt it was a satellite. It then faded within seconds and disappeared. Too slow for a shooting star. Anyone else see the same thing?

Direction-changing Aircraft – Johannesburg

Time and date: 11 January 2014 at 10 PM
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Jean-M arc

Last night 11/02/14 at around 10 PM in Sydenham, Johannesburg I saw something that looked like an aeroplane moving in the sky but it was much too far up to be a plane or maybe a satellite? It was moving very slowly in a straight line then it slowly started drifting onto a new trajectory and moved in that direction for about 30 seconds and then change direction. It did this several times as it started moving away. I don’t have a telescope but with my eye I could make out that it was much bigger and brighter than anything in the sky last night. Did anyone else see the same thing last night?

Three UFOs Over Pietermaritzburg

Time and date: 11:35 PM on 6 January 2014
Place: Pietermaritzburg, KZN
Submitted by: Derick Francois du Toit

Three UFOs sighting over PMB, KZN. Moving together in a bow formation. Estimated distance +- 15000 feet. Time 11. 35 Pm . 06-01-2014. Hovered in one area for about 3 min. Moved slowly over northern direction, 2 broke of from formation at a blink of an eye, shot up and disappeared. 1 remained for about 5 min and disappeared the same way. Description: unidentified flying objects, bright and look like stars, clear sky conditions.