The Strangest Thing

Time and date: 24th September 2014 at 10 PM
Place: Lansdowne
Submitted by: Nicole

My sister and I went outside to feed our pets when, for what seemed like a split second, a greenish blue spark lit up most of the sky. It was incredible. And it made no sound. I’ve NEVER seen anything like this! My sister was surprised as well. We both took a few steps back because the light was very bright. I started questioning whether what we just witnessed was in fact real. I looked up at the sky and the first thing I noticed was the clouds were moving very fast above our heads, it looked unnatural. And then we saw a light shining down from the clouds. That was when I knew it has to be a UFO. It was going in the direction of where we saw the green light. After a few moments it disappeared. However, the only way I can describe what I saw next is, it looked like there was an empty space remaining after the UFO disappeared. It’s so weird. I want to know what my sister and I experienced. We have a picture. It’s not very clear so I won’t add it.

Close Encounter in Kommetjie in 80s

My encounter happened in the 80s I think 87 or 88. It happened in the Kommetjie area. My sister and I were asleep. We shared a room when we were awoken by a bright white light. The brightest light I’ve ever seen. We both got up and looked outside to see what it was. In our yard stood 4 or 5 “people” in white space suits. I say space suits because they had helmets, gloves and a black visor with almost like a breathing appartus going to the helmet. Continue Reading…

Round bright light – Dundee

Time and date: the date is 4 september 2014 the time 19h30
Place: Dundee, KZN
Submitted by: Ronald

Report: i was in my backyard i looked up at the sky the moon was bright and i was watching the flashing lights of a airliner going overhead then all of a sudden i saw a round bright light out the corner of my eye it wasn’t making a noise it was a few kilometers away from the plane but going in the same direction and the same speed then it just vanished so i thought just keep watching the plane after about a minute the round ball of light showed up again this time right on top of the plane you could’nt see the planes flashing lights just the bright round ball of light which was much bigger and brighter than the planes lights it kept going at a constant speed then just vanished again then you could see the flashing lights of the airliner again i watched till the lights of the plane were out of sight and the round light never came back. This happend over the town of Dundee here in Northern Natal it would be interesting to see if any airliner pilots report such an incident on this date.

We are not Alone

Sighting/article submitted by Mike.

We are fascinated by the UFO phenomenon , well those that care to take note of the incredible event that is unfolding around us. I’m sure that this is not an invasion , as it is probable that has already happened sometime in our past.

I was always curious, but not sceptical , and purely because I had not personally witnessed a “craft” with my own eyes , I believed in the possibility , but in the past I had only classified the UFO sightings as an unexplained weather anomalies or mistaken aircraft identification .
I know aircraft well, not from an aviators point of view , but from building aircraft models as a youngster , air shows , and running outside every time I hear a different
Aircraft engine tone.

I have witnessed at least two to three forms in my life and these UFO’S and was inspired to become more aware , and I took a closer look , my curiosity needed more information , and I can also say that my eyes are true , my mind sound , I can believe what I have seen. Continue Reading…

Strange Lights over Blouberg Beach

Date: 13.07.2014
Time : Around 23:00pm
Submitted by: Skywatchers

As per usual, every night I take my dogs for their daily stretch which I do as late as possible cause they’re unleashed. While they’re running about I ALWAYS scope the skies and been doing so consistently for the past 12 months. Being kinda familiar with the placement of the stars and planets that’s visible from time to time. I noticed 2 unusually bright lights positioned very low and close to each other over the beach. The fact that there’s hardly any stars visible on that side from my vantage point and our “airspace activity” being on the opposite side led to a quick return home for my camera.

* Skywatchers, kindly email your photos to us, thanks!

UFO over Helderberg

There has been a UFO hovering over the Helderberg mountains for the past few weeks. first time I noticed it was 08/05/2014. I have subsequently taken numerous pictures, as best I can and noticed a few interesting things. The first few days of observation it was there from about 04h00 till well past sunrise around 08h00. It now seems to be in a more well established routine, appearing from 05h00 till 07h30, every morning. Sometimes really low, almost hugging the top of the mountain, then changing position, usually a bit higher. Continue Reading…

White Light – Vereeniging

Time and date:02:55-03:00 on 12/05/2014
Place: Vereeniging
Submitted by: Delene

It was Monday morning between 02:55-03:00 on 12/05/2014 in Arcon Park, Vereeniging. Took dog out and saw light through the tree in my back yard. Looked and saw a white light looking like a meteor moving from right to left but low. Not like your normal shooting star, had a ball of white light with a tail and red and light blue lines in tail. I would like to know if anyone else saw this and would like to know what it was, Thanks.Moved fast, gone towards R59 in two seconds and was gone.

“Search Lights” in Durbanville

Place: Durbanville, Western Cape
Time and date: 16/2/2014 at 3am
Submitted by: Kirolak

I have no idea whether these lights are UFO related or not, but for what it is worth, I am recounting it here in case anyone else has had a similar experience… During the night of 16/2/2014 at 3am I went to the bathroom, which is situated right next to my daughter’s bedroom. Her door was open, and as I was about to switch on the bathroom light, I was surprised to see a flashing light near the ceiling against the wall in her room. I watched in surprise as it expanded and contracted, flashing. Then it went out, and repeated the sequence about 5 times. Naturally, I investigated, but there are no electric lights, cords or anything else that could explain the events. The light was extremely bright, white and pulsating, and above the curtain rails. The curtains were drawn. Continue Reading…

Aliens Enjoy High School Athletics

Since I was a young child, I’ve been curious and cautious about the existence extraterrestrials. I’ve seen numerous baffling things in the skies, but believe I saw my first UFO in December 1999 just before I turned 13 in Silverton, Pretoria. As a friend and I laid on the grass watching the stars, we saw a twinkling object moving irregularly fast and jaggedy. It was very, very high up and appeared to be a star or satellite at first, but certainly was not. We watched it for about 10 minutes and when I finally got up to retrieve my camera it zoomed away. It was strange but not entirely life altering. Continue Reading…

UFO over Jeffrey’s Bay

Time and date: December 2011 at 24:00
Place: Jeffrey’s Bay
Submitted by: G.T. Olivier

I’d like to report a sighting that me and my friend saw at Jeffreys Bay in 2011 December at around 24:00 at night, unfortunately the precise date can not be given. What we saw, was nothing like your ordinary UFO.

It had no light, engine sound, visible color, or anything recognizable, but something was hovering at a fast consistent speed over the sky, much bigger than just an ordinary Cessna plane, some part of the pitch black object had a strange trapeze shape. The only way we could see this, was that there was a very bright light from one of the houses yard, that made the UFO visible in the dark night sky. For a few moments we could see this shape in the sky, before it went over a small hill where we could no longer see it. Continue Reading…