Extremely Bright Light – Eldoraigne

Time and date: This was a while back: June 2007, time 04:00
Place: Eldoraigne, Centurion
Submitted by: Michelle Jordaan

I woke up very early and opened my curtains to look at the stars. I saw a bright white star in the sky. It looked like the morning star. It was first stationary and then very slowly it started descending to stop again. It stayed in that position for about a minute. During that time I tried to determine any flashing lights or to see if it could be a helicopter because it was close to the Swartkop Airbase (my father was an air traffic controller so I know planes). But it was not. It suddenly became very bright to such an extent that the light hurt my left eye so severely that I had a pain in my head from the sharp light. The light did not become larger, just extremely brighter. The object was also not close to me. It seemed as though it powered up because shortly afterwards it skidded away at a great speed up into the heavens in a zig-zag format until it became smaller and smaller until it was gone.

I was a bit upset about the bright light that hurt my left eye. But to have seen and experience something like that was mindboggling.

Bright Light: Florida, Gauteng

At about 5:45 on the 28/05/2015 at Robertville, Florida, Gauteng, a very bright light caught my attention just above me. It looked like a helicopter’s search light, but there was no sound at all!! Then it started to move away from me, but upwards. The light was still very bright, as it moved up it started to become smaller and looked like an satelite, moving slowly. Then it was gone.

UFO spotted Johannesburg South

Time and Date: 16 January 2015
Place: M1 South, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Michael


(Near -26.2486367 28.0007713)

I was driving home from work on the 16th of January, 2015. At about 18:53, on the M1 South in Johannesburg, I spotted a fairly bright light in the sky. Since it was getting later, I assumed it was probably just one of the first stars to start showing that evening. As I drove on, it got bigger and bigger, with no other stars in the sky. In a matter of a minute or two it was much much larger, with a rather high altitude. It was then that I realized this was not a star at all, nor was it any sort of aircraft I had seen before. It was some sort of object. I wasn’t able to make out the shape of the object, it just seemed very reflective, and large, in the sky. Continue Reading…

Bright Orange Light – Vanderbijlpark

Time and date: 11/01/2015 at 20.35pm
Place: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
Submitted by: Theo


I was outside watering the garden when I looked up I saw a bright orange light..it was brighter than the moon ..brighter than a spotlight..
it was orange and much much bigger than an aeroplane..it was not that high in the sky..it was well below the height of the stars.
It was totally silent..it was massive. It moved to the left and stopped and straight up and stopped again..

I ran inside to get my phone to take a picture and my wife came outside. Continue Reading…

Bright Light – Cresta

Time and date: 14 December 2014 at 20:40
Place: Cresta, Gauteng
Submitted by: Bob Wahl

My wife first noticed an very bright light in the sky which appeared low in the sky and to me could have been the light one would associate with the flame from a hot air balloon. Very bright as a subsequent photo taken by myself will show. This was on the evening of 14th December at about 20h40. We reside in Cresta and the object would have been in the north eastern sky. My wife noticed the object moving back and forth in different directions and then slowly moved further way from where she was standing. She called me and I too was able to view the object high in the sky. Moving slowly in a northerly direction. At times the light would disappear completely but not because of cloud cover as I was still, when this occurred able to see a dark round shape where the light had been. This happened repeatedly over period of five to ten minutes after which the object (now in darkness) slowly moved away and disappeared below the tree line. I took a photograph which merely shows a pinpoint light in an otherwise pitch dark clouded sky. However, on zooming in on my phone the light becomes a multicoloured elongated cigar shape. Unfortunately this zoomed image is only visible on my phone and when I forward the image elsewhere one does not get the same perspective. Please see below:


Space craft landing in sight

My name is Arnold and i have seen an UFO land/crash near my village @ Limpopo Polokwane. It had really bright lights and it had no sound but it was moving fast when i saw it land. The next day i went to look for it and i found it in one piece and its still there, but i never had anyone to tell about my discovery and i never told anyone about it because i knew if i told anyone about this they might think I’m crazy. I kept it a secret up untill this day. I hope my information is helpful to you.

UFO Sighting in Rosetta, KZN Midlands

Time and date: 9 November 2014 at 7:45 PM
Place: Rosetta, KZN
Submitted by: Zette Hardie

I’ve been ragged about this but defo saw something at 7:45pm on Sunday, November 9th, 2014 as well. We live inland….Rosetta, between Nottingham Road and Mooiriver if you know the area at all? Anyway, was a beautiful evening and we were sitting in the jacuzzi when I first, saw this light. Way too big to be an aircraft and flying/moving in a spot where no regular object could or would go. Was very very bright and moved horizontally from North to South, situated in the NE area. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it……mind boggling. My husband and 13 year old son saw it too and needless to say we were all three stone-cold sober and not “smoking” anything as I’ve been asked!! PS….. not the first time I’ve seen these in our area either.

UFO Sighting over Morningside Durban

Time and date: 9 November 2014 at 7:45 PM
Place: Morningside, Durban
Submitted by: Max

I am extremely sure I saw a UFO at 7:45pm on the 9th November over Morningside in Durban. I was standing on my balcony looking towards the sea and then I spotted this object moving. There was no sound but the object was a bright round light, it was slowly ascending into the sky and then suddenly disappeared. I’m hoping surrounding residents saw it too. Unfortunately I was too flabbergasted to take a photo and it all happened so quickly. I was amazed!

Bright lights and scars

Time and date: 5 August 2014 at 1 AM
Place: ?
Submitted by: Anonymous

Around the 5th of August 2014 I was standing on the balcony of my apartment at around 1 am. I saw bright lights move in what I can describe as spiraling up and down before disappearing. Not long after, I started waking up with scars on my body without knowing how they got there (cuts on my chest and hands). 2 weeks later I was standing on the balcony again in the early hours of the morning when a beam of light shone from what seemed like empty space for 2-3 seconds before disappearing. 1 week later I was walking to my car at midnight outside my apartment once again when a bright light flew overhead and lit up the night sky before also disappearing in an instant. The next time I saw something was at 9 PM in early September, it was a weird light that remained stationary in the sky, I called my girlfriend to come and see it, she disregarded it almost immediately as a star but when I went outside again 10 minutes later it was gone. All the lights mentioned were a combination of white and blue and green and blue. I haven’t seen anything since then but still have the scars.